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Quartermaster's Page

What the group owns, where it is stored, who you need to talk to if you want to use it, and how to look after it.

Quartermaster's Stores

The quartermaster stores most of the physical possessions of the group.

The acting Quartermaster is Her Excellency Elyna Delynor.

PDF and ODS copies of the inventory (current as of September 2022) can be found on this page


Stewards' responsibilities:

Transporting gear:

Getting gear to and from an event is the steward's responsibility.

Contact quartermaster well in advance to arrange a time to pick it up and return it. Sometimes you'll need two pick-ups and drop-offs:

  1. Cook collects food stores (before event, to use in pre-cooking)
  2. Steward and cook collect remaining gear (day of event)
  3. Steward returns bulk of gear (day after event)
  4. Steward returns laundered tablecloths and cook returns food stores with updated inventories (week after event)

You may need to buy (but check first):

  • candles
  • oil for lamps, string for lamp wicks
  • matches
  • cleaning supplies
  • rubbish bags
  • toilet paper
  • pins, etc, for hanging banners

If you buy any of these, update the inventories so the next steward knows how much remains. If any are getting low, leave a note in the inventories for the next steward.

The chatelaine (currently Giacoma Tovani) has an excel spreadsheet of the inventory, a printed version of which is designed to help keep track of inventories at events.

Packing, unpacking, caring for gear:

Pack everything clean and dry, and in the right box (they're all labelled, on the sides and on the lid) at the end of the event: it's worth it, even though it takes a little longer

If anything needs to be packed while damp, let the quartermaster know when you return the boxes, so they can be aired and dried.

If anything was damaged at the event let the quartermaster know.


Please update the inventories whereever necessary, or wheerever you notice a discrepancy.


Used table-cloths and tea-towels must be washed and dried before they're returned to the quartermaster: you can do it at home or include laundry in your event-budget (a good idea for larger events).

At the end of the event, pack dirty laundry in a large plastic bag in one of the "table-cloth" boxes (one is labelled for this purpose) and unused table-cloths into another.

Do the laundry soon after the event: the following day is ideal, but certainly within a week or soiled linens will get mouldy.


Non-perishable food

Left over food from previous events. This is available for any group event, whether a feast or a picnic.

When you are the cook for an event, please:

  • check the inventory before you buy food, and use what you can from these stocks
  • throw out anything that is past its use-by date, or otherwise perished
  • update the inventory after the event, to reflect what you've used and what you've added
  • try to keep the food we store to one large black plastic box; two at most


Canterbury Faire Gear

The Barony of Ildhafn stores some things on the Canterbury Faire site, in Southron Gaard. It's available for the use of all members of the Barony who attend Canterbury Faire, and for any visitors who stay with us. The Seneschal (or whoever the seneschal has assigned to manage the campsite) manages the use of these things each year.


Storage and seating

Available for all to use in camp. Look inside for the other gear.

  • two wooden chests, in which the gear is stored, and which can be used as seats (thanks, Rudiger, for making and donating them)

Feast gear

Book these with the seneschal if you'd like to use a set for Faire. Note that there aren't yet any spoons.

  • 10 stainless steel plates
  • 11 stainless steel bowls
  • 8 glass tumblers
  • 9 small knives
  • 7 forks


  • 2 one-ring gas-stoves(one donated - thank you!)(bring gas each year)
  • Frying pan (quite large)
  • Stock pot (smallish)
  • Kitchen knife
  • 2 plastic chopping mats
  • 2 can openers, one with corkscrew attached, both double as bottle-openers
  • egg slide
  • tongs
  • large stainless-steel spoon
  • measuring jug (1L)

Cleaning, packing and storage

  • dishwashing liquid
  • rubber gloves
  • laundry liquid (woolwash - suitable for machine or handwashing)
  • stainless steel scouring pads
  • ziplock bags
  • large plastic rubbish bags
  • aluminium foil
  • foldable 20L insulated bag
  • sharpie


  • club hammer
  • 20 spare tent pegs
  • bucket (9L, plastic, blue)
  • small brush and shovel
  • large ceramic jug (thanks, Alyenora, for donating this!)
  • solar shower (19L)
  • collapsible water container (20L)
  • kitchen string
  • S hooks
  • scissors

Wishlist, for another year

  • spoons for feast-gear
  • assorted extra feast-gear to make up 10 or 12 complete sets
  • dishbrush
  • large stainless steel bowl for dishwashing/laundry/buns/etc.
  • wood or metal buckets for rubbish and bottles in camp
  • lots of white guy-rope flags

Things to buy or bring each year

  • Gas for burners: They take the small cans that clip into the side of the gas ring (about the size of a large drink-can, generally sold in packs of 4). In 2012 and 2013 we went through about 6 cans. There are currently 5 full cylinders in the chest. I suggest buying another 4 in 2014.
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Tea-towels
  • Lighting


Other gear owned by the group

Items owned by the group, or often used by the group, that is stored by someone other than the quartermaster. When things move for more than a few days, please update this page. Feel free to add anything I've missed.

  • marshal's poles (both sets - heavy and rapier) - William de Cameron
  • list field - William de Cameron
  • loaner armour - Eleanor and Willehelm (no present owner - were given to group by Jardine - may be given to next promising heavy who will make good use of them)
  • shield - pavise, formerly owned by Jardine, currently stored by Eleanor
  • spare heavy helms - William de Cameron has one, the rest are in Cluain
  • clipboards, and any spare flyers and advertising material - Eleanor
  • thrones and other regalia - the Baron and Baroness
  • gold cloaks - 6 gold-brocade capes - Katherina Weyssin
  • fencing equipment - loaner fencing gear stored at City Dance; the fibreglass rapiers belong to Emrys, and the two loaner helms belong to the group
  • credenza (decorative sideboard for displaying platters at a feast) - owned by Katherina Weyssin
  • hand-forged nails - Ludwig von Regensburg
  • New platters - 72 plate-sized stainless steel platters and 40 large rimmed stainless steel platters - currently with Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona

Officers' regalia, and other office-specific items

  • Seneschal - key, files (one cardboard expanding file)
  • Chatelaine/Gold Key - loaner feast gear and garb; chatelaine's box (wicker picnic box), with spare flyers, business cards, bookmarks and other promotional materials
  • Gold Key - loaner feast gear and clothes
  • Herald - white rod, tabard, extra tabards, files (three expanding file boxes), heraldic library
  • A&S - cloak, libary (responsible for the maintenance of the libary, even if it's housed elsewhere)
  • Marshal - tabard, poles (or can be stored with quartermaster, or other convenient place) (currently with William de Cameron)
  • Reeve - files
  • Baron and Baroness - thrones (sometimes), coronets, rings, cloaks, etc
  • Quartermaster - everything else