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Advertising the Barony

Copies of our flyers, bookmarks, posters, business cards and other promotional material; and information about where they're stored, how many we have, etc. Please update as you go.

Chatelaine box

Briefcase-sized wicker picnic box, which we use to take promotional material to events.
It is usually stocked with:

  • clipboards
  • sign-up sheets (for getting contact info from people who would like to join)
  • pens and pencils
  • business cards
  • flyers
  • bookmarks

It's usually held by the seneschal or chatelaine. Take it to demos and events held in public spaces.

General Flyer

There are some in the chatelaine box. It's probably time to re-do this flyer from scratch, as the working file is difficult to edit. Katherina has a copy in word (but Eleanor found the file corrupt - redo?).

If you edit this, please change the contact email to "seneschal" or "chatelaine" at Ildhafn, rather than "B&B".

Regular Activities Flyer

A list of our weekly activities, with contact details for each. Two per page, one-sided

  • pdf - editable file, odt (Libre office)

Check the details are up to date before printing more. Katherina Weysiin also has the source files for a 3-column version (useful for slipping inside the general flyer) (not currently up to date).


Katherina has the working files, as open document drawings. (Working file here too).

The current bookmarks (printed in 2012?) are printed on 210gsm card with a textured finish (Trophee Board, "White Linen"). Paper and printing for 180 bookmarks was ~$50, or about $28 cents per bookmark.

Heavier card would still work well; I would not advise anything lighter.

Business Cards

Cicilia has the files for the "SCA - Ildhafn" business cards.


These files are in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) format, and are rather large.


For public demonstrations, consider using the large advertising banner with the photo of Martuccio on it. It's stored with the quartermaster, in a black case. It has a repaired tear at the top right - take care when unfurling it, and use only inside (it tore in moderate wind).


The clip-boards with "SCA" on the back areĀ  good for getting our URL into photos, and they're handy for carrying flyers. The chatelaine has the clip-boards, and any spare flyers.

Alternative URL

Sometime it's useful to be able to give people a URL that is easier to remember and/or easier to spell than "": "" will also get you to our website. Use the latter when giving our URL over the phone.

You can use this alternative URL format to get to specific pages on our website: e.g. "" instead of "".

Suggestions for making new advertising material

  • use contact details that are unlikely to change and easy to spell, preferably: (goes to the chatelaine)
  • include our URL - either "" or ""
  • put the files here when you're done