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Silk thread colours

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on October 26, 2011 - 10:44am

Several members of the group have bought silk thread from Fibreholics, a weaving supplier in Kaitaia. Each cone of thread is quite expensive ($35-$50), but as there's over a kilometre on a cone it's significantly cheaper by the metre than embroidery silks, or even crochet cotton.

Update: Many of these are now available in much smaller, cheaper rolls - $6-$12 for 10grams. That's still a lot more than in a skein of embroidery thread.

We tend to buy different colours, so we can swap. So far, we have:


Schappe (Mulberry) Silk Nm 120/2x4, ca 15'000m/kg

(Heavier silk, good for finger-loop braiding, tablet weaving, etc. About 1.5km on a roll.)

Colour number Description Who has some cone size
2500 white Caterine 100g
2501 cream Katherina 100g
2599 black Caterine 100g
2529 royal blue Katherina 100g
2523 teal Katherina 100g
2572 light green Katherina 100g
2582 red Caterine 100g
  black Katherina 100g








Mulberry Silk Nm 60/2, ca 30'000m/kg

(Finer silk, good for fine tablet weaving, lace, embroidery etc. About 3km on a 100g cone, or 300m on a 10g roll.)

Colour Who has some cone size
burgundy Katherina 100g
red Katherina 100g
black Katherina 100g
salmon Katherina 10g
smoke pink Katherina 10g
white Katherina 10g
felt green Eleanor 100g
navy Eleanor 100g
moss green Caterine 10g
deep olive Caterine 10g
prune Caterine 10g
pacific Caterine 10g
grayed blue Caterine 10g


Linen silk, 50/50 blend, Nm 60/2; cream

This is fuzzier, more uneven, and somewhat weaker than the silk threads. It's still nice to work with, and potentially useful for a range of SCA projects. Ok for bobbin-lace. Katherina has a cone.

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