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Tablet Weaving -Pattern 22 from Anna Neuper's Modelbuch

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on October 16, 2011 - 8:47pm

Early experiments in brocaded tablet weaving part II:

Pattern 85 from  Anna Neuper's Modelbuch.


I added a photo of the second repeat so you can see what it's supposed to be like.


9 tablets, 20 row repeat.

About an hour of weaving - I actually prefer the wider bands, I just hate cutting out the cards.

After putting up the last band I managed to get a thicker jap thread from The Ribbon Rose

Amalia reminded me about how to get a better finish on the edges of brocaded tablet weaving - you can see Amalia's awesome blog here

Oh yea, I missed a row - pretend it's there and the pattern will look right. - oh look - I finished a second repeat and now you can see what the pattern is meant to look like...


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