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Event Report: Midwinter Coronation 2-3 July 2011

Submitted by Anna de Wilde on July 6, 2011 - 5:50pm

Midwinter Coronation 2-3 July 2011 – Shire of Bacchus Woods (Brisbane, Qld)
At the beginning of this month I travelled to the Mainland and stayed with the then 18th King and Queen of Lochac Gabriel II and Constanzia II.

Their reign began at 12th Night (15th of January 2011) in Politarchopolis (Canberra, ACT) and ended at Midwinter Coronation (2nd of July 2011) in the Shire of Bacchus Woods. (Longlea, QLD).
Autumn Crown Tourney was fought at Rowany Festival and it was at this tournament where their successors were found. His Grace, Duke Cornelius and his consort Lady Elizabeth were declared the Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac, and it was at Midwinter Coronation where they would take up the Crown of Lochac to become the 19th King and Queen of our fair and wonderful Kingdom.
The day dawned bright, and began early for many. Especially for those that belonged to His Majesty, Gabriel’s King Livery Companie, of which I was one. For we of the Companie, were charged to display our projects that we had toiled over for the past 6 months. This display was to show the fruits of our labour to the populace, and to give honour to His Majesty before the end of his reign.
Many of the Kings Livery Companie travelled from far and wide to display their projects, and those that were unable to attend, sent their projects to be shown on the day.

My project was a 16th Century Italian dance, which I translated, reconstructed, and with the last minute help of Don Gregory Tortouse, I performed for His Majesty. You may find a video of the dance at this link.
The last court of Their Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia was a long and sombre one. As they acknowledged and thanked many people who had helped, inspired and supported them through out Their Reign. 
Then the Investiture of the new King and Queen was next. This was done with much pomp and ceremony, with a Late 15th Century Burgundian flare, His Majesty Cornelius was supported by members of his Household the Whyte Companie.
A rapier tournament was held after the Investiture, and then the feast began at 5.30pm.
The theme of the feast and the event was the Jewels of Lochac, and the Hosts believe that the children are the crowning jewels of the Kingdom. Before the feast was done, the Children were bartered, almost sold, and by the good grace of Their Majesties, returned to their parents after some “interesting” gifts were exchanged.
As an interesting anecdote, for every Reign an award called the Lochac Order of Grace is given out once, and usually near the end of the reign. A Court was called half way through the Feast. The Baron of St Florian de la Riviere, Sir Bain was called forth, to present himself to Their Majesties.
As the proclamation for the Locahc Order of Grace was read, many looked in confusion at each other, until King Cornelius III announced that “This was not One of Those Times” and “His Excellency, Sir Bain” had been impertinent enough to ask during his Oath of Fealty for a LOG. His Majesty thought it would be a Great and Honourable Quest if Sir Bain, over the next 6 months displays what His Excellency, believes are the necessary qualities required for one to obtain a Lochac Order of Grace, and to present his findings to His Majesty at the end of the 6 months.
Many of the populace attending the Feast found the antics of Sir Bain to be humorous and enlightening of How Never to Receive a LOG.
Heavy fighters fought in a Rose Tourney on the Sunday, in a King of the Mountain style format.  This tournament has traditionally been used to find the Queens Champion.  However over recent years many Queens have requested that the combatents fight for the honour of their constorts  and the Glory of the Kingdom.  This then allows the Queen to appoint a champion of her choice.  It is also named a Rose Tourney as Rose tokens are usually given to the victor of the bout to bestow on whom he/she deems fit.  It was entertaining and fun to watch, especially His Excellany Aonghus, Baron of Politarcopolis, who is fast and agressive with an axe.

His Majesty, Cornelius III aquitted himself with grace and courtesy on the field.  (I am not just saying that because I received a rose token from His Majesty.)  :)
The day ended with a court where Elizabeth, Queen of Lochac announcing  Sir Kitan von Falkenberg as her Champion, as she received wise council from Her Grace Constanzia Moralez  y de Zamora, to choose a person who inspired her. 
I then took great pleasure to act as proxy for both the Kingdom Seneschal Mistress Katherina Weyssin, and the Kingdom Earl Marshal, Don William de Cameron, to swear Fealty to the Crown and Kingdom of Lochac.  Don Gregory Tortouse mused out loud what mischief these two would have had, if they had spent any significant time out of fealty to the Crown?? One can only wonder now....