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Event Report: St Cayetano's

Submitted by Vettoria di Gio... on July 27, 2011 - 9:10pm
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As promised, sins were indeed engaged in at the St Cayetano's Revel just past, most noticeable among these being avarice, gambling, and theft - with an hefty helping of gluttony thrown in for good measure.

The troops dutifully showed up slightly late to install themselves in the tavern for the evening. No sooner had they entered, but Lady Eleanor and Lady Serafina (normally fine & Upstanding Ladies both) engaged in that well-known gambler's pursuit, the game of backgammon. The speed with which they played would suggest that they may have encountered this game before. They were not the only ones engaged in this pursuit: soon after, Her Excellency Clare, newly-arrived from Southron Gaard, was leading astray several of our newer members, Karen and Catherine Le Nouvel, by also teaching them this game. She appears to have many years' study of this under her belt, so beware those that would play her - for they may well lose beans!

Lord Ludo, the cook for the evening, was good enough to introduce the evening's meal - a veritable feast. Lady Anna the Bean Counter then proceeded to outline the method for allocating beans, which was indeed both Fair and True. Lady Edine carefully noted the allocations against each person's name, so that these could be tracked if necessary.

At this point, vice truly came to the fore as Lady Caterine introduced a large crowd to the game of Glic, or Pochspiel, which is in fact a very speedy means for transferring money from person to person. The Admiral Martuccio soon fled the table, as his beans were flowing readily forth from his pocket, and sought to engage in vice elsewhere. However, an avid, steady table full of determined gamblers continued in this pursuit throughout the evening, and it is my belief that many beans were exchanged.

Pickpocketing ran rife, and foolish were those that left their purses unattended. In fact, someone who looked remarkably like our Baron did steal coins from the purses of several ladies, attempting to pin the theft on the rather more notorious Baron Benedict instead. But perhaps the most successful pickpocket was the Lady Christine - beware her friendly smile and charming bosom, lest ye experience this other black talent for yourself!

The food was served forth continuously from the kitchen throughout the evening, with the fried cheese especially being a big hit. Unfortunately the sheer volume and deliciousness of the food left little space for such greens as peas and apples by the end of the evening! However, the Cook having done such an excellent job was at evening's end declared the Winner of the event by Lady Anna, with all those attending turning over both coins and beans to him.

I believe it is fair to say that we in Ildhafn are well-practiced in the art of vice - however, a little more practice never hurt anyone, and this was indeed an evening well-spent in pursuit of this.


Good to hear the clientele lived down to my expectations.