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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on June 1, 2011 - 12:00am

Lesson plan: Starting to increase the repertoire by adding another defence and a couple of attacks of second intent.

Warm-up: Footwork, Oberhau swapping from lines B to G.

Meyer's Flying (Fliegender) Thrust drill: Start in Low guard, narrow stance
for the lunge, lunge three times into Langort, each time recovering with the front foot only (back foot is planted for whole drill).  Repeat, with lunge in first (as in
Meyer's picture).

A response to a parry.
Reversed (Verkehrter) Thrust: A stands in Eisenport.  B thrusts from Unterhut
at the high line on the inside.  When A parries (up and left), B swings sword
over head to make a thrust from Ochs under A's right arm (ends in first).

An alternate defence.
Face Thrust (Gesichstich): A in left Ochs.  B thrusts on the inside, A voids
with step (on the right foot) to the left and counters with a simultaneous
thrust in third.  Exercise: B alternates between face thrust and standard
parry (to point out the relative unimportance of the starting position). 

A sneaky attack.
Double (Doppel) Thrust: A in Eisenport.  B thrusts at A's face from Unterhut.  When A lifts to Ochs to parry, B raises hilt transmuting a rising thrust
(or low thrust) into a descending one (or high thrust).  B's Ort goes over A's
in the process.

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