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Wednesday (Meyer)

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on May 4, 2011 - 12:00am

Lesson Plan: Basics from Meyer.  Attack and defence against high, middle and low line.  Identifying attacks and presenting the right defence from limited options.  Recovering and blade feel.

Warm-up: Footwork

Review:  Attack (lunge) and defence (parry) to lower, middle and upper body.

Exercise 1:  With masks.  A approaches B and makes lunge to face then body and then thigh so that B can practice appropriate defence.  Then A makes three attacks to whichever (vertical) opening they like.  B must perform appropriate parry.  Do inside then outside lines.  A has a choice of three attacks, B three parries.

Review: Ripostes to the above attacks: Gemechtstich, Thrust from Eisenport, Thrust from Ochs.

Exercise 2: With masks.  As in 1, but now B follows up parry with riposte.  A lies spent, so B can succeed in counter attack.  B should omit one defence, to test that A's attack would have landed.

Exercise 3: As in 2, but now A recovers after lunge attempting to avoid B's riposte.

Discussion and demonstration: Regaining blade dominance.

Exercise 4: With masks.  A lunges at B.  B parries and ripostes.  A must defend themselves without moving their front foot (it is remains planted after their lunge).  A may step sideways with back foot.

Discussion and demonstration: Winding long edge against opponent's weapon in thrust from Ochs.  If opponent doesn't react to a threatened thrust from Ochs, then just thrust as before; else seek to maintain dominance during thrust, staying on their blade as they attempt to parry or disengage.

Exercise 5: As 4, but B attempts to foil A's defence by winding long edge.

A small amount of free sparring.

A few fancy bits: Slicing by cutting from Ochs to Olber.  A disarm.


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