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Rapier at St Sebastian's

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on March 14, 2011 - 11:36pm

Ludwig, Eleanor and Eloise took their rapier gear along with them to the St Sebastian's event on the weekend and did a bit of training.  Eleanor also found the pile of fibreglass rapiers which are once again in her car to be taken along on Wednesday.

Eleanor has discovered that she likes using the hanging guard against Ludwig's oberhau but needs to tighten her defence as the resulting bruises are less then fun.

Ludwig brought along a couple of bucklers so we did a bit with them.

Eloise and Eleanor hatted up with single sword.

Ludwig went through some practical rapier concepts with Robert of Knightsbridge.

Eleanor tried to do Meyer with a case of rapiers against Ludwig- and discovered that it is much easier with a rapier and dagger.

Sadly no photos were taken of the rapier as the camera was running about with Lady Anna elsewhere.

I wonder if this blog entry will work or if I've broken something.

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