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Autumn Crown Tournament AS LVIII - Newcomers information

It’s my first SCA event, what do I do first?

We have all been that person who attends for the first time, but for some it’s a big deal finally going to an event you have heard about and maybe going solo and want to stress less about some of the factors on the day. So, as a recent “New person” I have written a brief list of things I both wish I knew and could have used knowing two years ago!

Also, some links to websites which may help.


What now?

The first thing to do is book, and make sure you fill in all fields and the details as we really don’t want you to miss out due to late booking. Then keep an eye out for emails as they will be sent in the lead up to the event. And when you finally arrive? Each event will have details on the site and where to park. Once you have arrived it’s best to find the “gate” and check in. This is sometimes hard to find, as it’s sometimes a table with sign in sheets on it. But checking in and identifying as a first time at an SCA event will get you a welcome and help. Whatever you are unsure about, there will be people willing to help you and to let you know what is going on.

One note: If you hear someone shout “Hold” or “Fast” or even “Stay still” DON’T MOVE as someone has recognised a danger and will be dealing with it. People don’t always see the fighting area (Lists) or the Archery ranges and could be walking into dangerous areas. Please also teach children this as well.

So, what do I need to bring?

Medical aids, Number 1 thing to note is glasses, hearing aids, walking sticks and any kind of assistance at all should be used and don’t worry about “hiding” them!  If you are comfortable as possible, healthy, and safe you are more likely to enjoy the event and come back to see us again! So, bring any medical aids and don’t worry.

Garb - this can be borrowed if you don't have any yet. Just let the organisers know in advance so they can try to have some of the right size there. (You don't need to have perfect garb, or the full outfit made before your first event, it can take time and energy and money to build up so just come along and meet us before you worry about committing to a large outlay of personal resources). However, if you have made something before the event we can’t wait to see it and we know you will look amazing.

Feasting gear: Plates, cups, knife, fork and spoon - or you can hire from the Barony just advise on the booking form.

Personal toiletries

Bedding - unless indicated that you require loan/hire, these tend to go to non-locals first so please think if you really need to borrow some?

Sleep wear, This is a shared bunk room so please bring some clothing suitable to sleep in!

A water bottle, and if it doesn't look "period" a white cloth wrap can hide a non-period water bottle.

Bag - if you want to keep personal items on you, then a drawstring bag at the belt can hide your phones and other must haves! Just try and keep them out of obvious site when possible. (Baskets work well with a cloth over the contents for larger items like cameras.)

Sun safe: Sunscreen, sun hat and, yes, dark glasses on sunny days, we want you healthy and well to enjoy the event. Often a simple straw hat can work wonders.

Court: To go or not! (What is “Court”)

Court is when everyone gets together, and information is passed on. It can (and will be formal at Crown Tournament) or informal and just information giving. Do you have to go? It is a good idea to attend at the start of the event to find out the details, the schedule and the safety details, but if there are Courts for people with recognition and awards and if you are overwhelmed and uncomfortable, then you can lurk on the outskirts and just watch. Awards are for all sorts of things and a list is here.

Personal responsibility to health and wellbeing.

If you are sick with a possible contagious illness, then please consider others and do not attend.

If you require a little extra assistance for anything, even moving your personal gear on site due to mobility constraints, and if you have questions about the site, its facilities, or the details for anything, then please let the stewards know so we can help.

Safe spaces, quiet spaces. These events can be noisy and chaotic, if you need some quiet time during the event please speak to the day steward to find the set aside area for the day (it may move during the day depending on the event).

A sense of fun and willingness to partake of the company of others in enjoying the experience.

*Note that this event is to be livestreamed and this and photos will be taken at the event and posted on social media. Please see the signs advising when you will be in the background and near a mic recording sound.


## Crown Tourney for Autumn 2024 is on a shared site, we are not the only people booked to this site for the weekend, so please be respectful of the shared areas and noise in the evenings. Please wear your token at this event to help us recognise you.