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Next Stuff Day- March 2nd 2024

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 10:00 to 16:00

Come and do Stuff!


After the awesome get together we had in February, Ildhafn welcomes you to join us for our second ‘Stuff day’ in 2024!


A stuff day is a chance for the group to get together, work on projects, discuss ideas, practice music, get in some combat training and generally do that thing that makes you excited about history!

Chantelle is planning on doing some group singing and will be bringing her flute if anyone is interested in other types of music practice. 

This will be two weekends before Crown so if you want help with sewing, or want to work on something specific let us know so we can bring stuff to help.

Contact Chantelle at for any questions or if you need help. 


When: Saturday 10th February 2024

Time:11am - 4 pm

Where: Minerva Scout Hall, 563 Pakuranga Road, Highland Park, Manukau City, Auckland


Stuff days are ungarbed and are open to everyone- it’s a good chance to come in and say hello if you’re new or interested, or catch up with others if you’re an existing member- there’s no cost for attending this stuff day so it’s a good chance to come along and hang out!

Bring your projects along- there will be space for sewing machines, projects, music if groups want to get together and practice!

There a grassy space outside for combat - so coke and get your biff on before Crown - sorry archers, no space for archery :(  


There’s quite a bit of space in the hall and tables will be set up for people to work at; there is a small kitchenette for tea and coffee.