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Autumn Crown Tournament 2024


On behalf of the Baronie of Ildhafn, come hither and moor your galleys in our safe harbour as we welcome allcomers to bear witness to our most chyvalrous combatants and their consorts, as they fighte on foote striking certaine strokes with swoards in the noblest tornie for the Crown of Lochac.

The event is being held at Camp Adair - 2487 Hunua Road, Auckland on March 15th - 17th 2024

Please contact the steward if you have any questions or concerns.


Booking details

Please fill out a separate form for every person attending the event, including each child or infant.

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Your SCA name. Leave blank if you have not chosen an SCA name.

You can attend the event without your parents or legal guardians, but you need a Nominated Caregiver (an adult on site who is acceptable to your parents or legal guardians and who is willing to be responsible for you in case of emergency).

The SCANZ policy on participation by Children and Young Persons has details about participation by those under 18.

Please enter the name of a caregiver (parent, guardian or nominated adult) who will be attending the event:

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Booking type
Direct deposit into Ildhafn's Kiwibank account is preferred. Generally, payment in advance is required to secure your booking, but if you're coming from overseas, ask the steward about paying in cash on the day.
List anyone else you'll be paying for, if you're paying as a group (e.g. your spouse or kids). Only one person in a group need fill this out.