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Ildhafn Summer Event 2022

This is the booking form for the Ildhafn Summer Event 2022


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One form per person please, even for kids. 


Kids are teenagers are welcome!

You don't necessarily need your parents to come with you, but if you don't have a parent there you'll need an adult who can be responsible for you in an emergency - a "Nominated Caregiver". 

Click here for the SCANZ policy on participation by Children and Young Persons  - has details about participation by those under 18. 

Please enter the name of a caregiver (parent, guardian or nominated adult) who will be attending the event: *


You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

An email address is handy even for kids - that way you get the automatic booking confirmation, and can check that the details are right.
May the stewards subscribe you (temporarily) to an email list for people going to this event? I'll be used for things like - announcements, arranging rides, requests for billets.
Booking type
Prices and booking options


 Four booking categories: (if you wish for something else please arrange it with the Stewards)


  • A  - whole event
  • B  - Saturday after breakfast for remainder of event
  • C  - Saturday day only with feast and lunch
  • D  - Saturday day and  feast only

Full Event arriving Friday: (includes Supper and Breakfast)

Adult (16+) 144
Child (5-15) 100

Full event: Arriving Saturday (does not include breakfast on Saturday)

Adult (16+) 128
Child (5-15) 93.50

Saturday day trip only (includes feast and lunch)

Adult (16+) 80
Child (5-15) 55

Saturday day trip only (Feast included,  no lunch)

Adult (16+) 70
Child (5-15) 51

Direct deposit into Ildhafn's Kiwibank account in advance, if possible. Cash on the day is fine if you're coming from overseas.
No dairy
No eggs
No seafood
No gluten
No alliums (onions, etc)
Allergies (list below)
Other (describe below)

Other dietary needs. Any any useful information for cooks - alternate names for allergens, or surprising places they might be found; suggested brands; things you do eat - e.g. you're vegetarian but ok with rennet in cheese.
  • Extreme: You might need a doctor or an ambulance. Cooks should be extremely cautious having this ingredient in the kitchen at all. 
  • Moderate: Makes you quite sick (or very sad), but you won't need a doctor. Food prepared in the same kitchen is ok. 
  • Mild: Makes you uncomfortable. You can eat food served on the same platter.
What do you want to do at this event?


As usual for us, everyone who attends will help out with a chore or two. Many hands make light work!

Volunteers for other roles are welcome too!
Is there anything I should know before assigning you a chore? Anything you really can't do, or would love to do?
Do you need help getting to the event? We cannot guarantee a ride but we will try to arrange one if we can! We'll be in touch to discuss once we know who is offering carpooling options.
Please let us know if you can offer a lift to one or more people. This will not commit you unduly - if anyone requests assistance with transport, we will be in touch to discuss options and see if it's convenient for you.

Anything else?

Is there anything else you'd like to suggest, request or offer?

If there is anything else we need to know, or if you have preferences in regards to accommodation, please let us know here.