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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - October 2022

Submitted by Giacoma Tovani on October 6, 2022 - 12:05pm


Minutes dated 1 October 2022

Meeting opened at 1.02pm

Venue: Zoom meeting online

Attendees: Christine (Seneschal), Domenego (Reeve), Giacoma (Chatelaine), 

Apologies: Etain (Herald), Elyna (Chronicler, Quartermaster)


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: 

3. Minutes of the previous meeting:

September 2022 moved by Christine, seconded by Domenego. Carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes: 

  1. Payment to Mordenvale has been set up by Nicola
  2. New Archery Purchases - Ahmed not here to speak to this, deferred to next meeting
  3. Fencing Hall Hire - Discussed in Reeve's report below

5. Officer Reports:

Seneschal (Christine):

Has been busy organizing several events, to be mainly discussed in events section of meeting 

Reeve (Domenego):

Currently following up on 4 payments. 

The SCANZ account issue is still pending. 

Advertising has gone out to find a new Reeve. No applicants so far.
ACTION: Domenego to push out ad again 

Discussed Fencing Hall hire going forward. Has already been discussed that we would pay for outstanding usage.
MOTION: Council to pay $220.00 to Trudie for outstanding fencing hall hireage. Moved by Domenego, seconded by Christine. Motion passed.
ACTION: Domenego to discuss with current fencers around best way to contribute to future usage. 

Chatelaine (Giacoma): 

Stocktake of Club Gear for Coronation was completed on the 10th of October. Trudie Graham will bring the old tablecloths to the next A&S workshop to turn into aprons  ACTION: Giacoma to discuss with Aveline about updating list on website, and best place to store copy of list. 

No current requests for Gold Key for Coronation - Christine advised during the meeting that two people will need feast gear.
ACTION: Giacoma to follow up on request for feast gear with Christina
ACTION: Giacoma to push to Ildhafn list and social in case anyone needs gear 


Chronicler (Elyna):

Giacoma to take over the role of Chronicler. Group discussed ideas for next newsletter, including timing to include a Coronation wrapup.
ACTION: Giacoma to follow up with Elyna around organizing next newsletter 


6. Past Events:

A&S Workshop, 24th-25th September [Steward: Christine] 

Workshop was very successful, had at least a dozen attendees, including attendees from Cluain. 

Alice received her authorisation. 


7. Upcoming Events:

Group discussed updating the Ildhafn Calendar to reflect new events.
ACTION: Giacoma to update Ildhafn Site with events 


A&S Workshop, 15th-16th October [Steward: Christine] 

Nicola has offered to run a cap-making workshop. Christine may not be able to make this, will make sure another person can open up site. Council will need to discuss how hall hireage is funded for A&S workshops going forward. 


Summer Event, 25th-27th November [Steward: Christine & Etain] 

Christine and Etain are currently working on bid.

Crescent Isles Anniversary Bid, May 2023 [Steward: Christine & Bill] 

Christine is currently working with Bill on bid.. Has a few accommodation options which will suit both camping and lodging. 


Winter Event, Winter 2023 [Steward: tbd] 

Christine has advised that Schlaepfer Park bookings are filling up. Group agreed that a pencil booking is sensible; Council will confirm this booking/date closer to the time.
ACTION: Christine to make pencil booking with Schlaepfer Park for 22-23rd July 2023 


Cooking Workshops, date tbd [Steward: Christine] 

Christine discussed her idea for two different cooking workshops, at Braythwayte Manor (open fire cooking) and Schlaepfer Park (commercial kitchen cooking). Christine has mentioned the idea to Ed, who is in favor of the open fire cooking workshop.


Stone Soup Night [Steward: Nicola] 

Nicola is currently looking at dates to hold event. 


8. Other Business:

Combat Practice Location

Emrys is currently looking at a range of halls to be used for fencing and combat practice.
ACTION: Domenego to follow up with Emrys to see if there are any updates 


Winter Event 2022 Administration

Pool noodles are still to be reimbursed to Giacoma; now to be used for children’s activities for future events.
MOTION: Council to pay $32.00 to Giacoma to reimburse the purchase of pool noodles. Moved by Domenego, Seconded by Christine. Motion passed. 

Council agreed to refund individuals who couldn’t make the Winter Event due to illness. Council agreed to refund Aethelred  who had to leave suddenly due to illness. As Hall hire usage was per person, did not include Ian, however food had already been paid for.
MOTION: Council to pay $249.00 to individuals eligible for a refund. Moved by Domenego, Seconded by Giacoma. Motion passed.
ACTION: Giacoma to follow up with eligible refunds to confirm bank details, and then will send this information to Nicola. 

Domenego and Giacoma have gone over bank transactions, and it appears that four individuals have either not paid or have paid incorrect accounts. Giacoma has followed up with these individuals.
ACTION: Giacoma to follow up again with payments. 

Discussion on issues with the sign-in process with this event. Agreed that it was harder with a first-time steward at a first time location. Also discussed how this compounds current issue of Reeve not being able to check bank transactions directly. 


Social Media Officer Position

Discussion on what should be done with social media duties going forward. Consensus was that ‘Social Media Officer’ is useful as a separate position so that it isn’t tied to one individual position if that officeholder isn’t comfortable with social media, however the expectation is that this is a minor portfolio that can and will often be held with an existing officeholder. Also discussed that Social Media can be performed by multiple people, the Officer person will be mainly to coordinate this. Discussion to continue at the next Council Meeting.


Next meeting

9. Date of next meeting: 1 October 2022.

10. Meeting close: at 2:51pm


Minutes written by Giacoma

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