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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - June 2022

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on June 6, 2022 - 5:22pm


Minutes dated 4 June 2022

Meeting opened at 1.04pm

Venue: Zoom meeting online

Attendees: Christine (Seneschal), Domenego (Reeve), Aveline (Webwright), Etain (Herald), Elyna (Chronicler, Quartermaster).


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: Giacoma, Trudie.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting:

Etain moved that the minutes from the previous meeting (May 2022 – link: be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Domenego, vote was in favour, motion carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes: None.

5. Officer Reports:

- Seneschal (Christine):

Thanks to those attending this meeting. A couple of events have been put in motion, in both Ildhafn & Cluain, which will be discussed in due course.

- Reeve (Domenego):

The group’s balance remains unchanged. Xero is being actively used and is going well. The follow-up is still happening with Gideon as mentioned last time.

Regarding Mordenvale: We need to ascertain how much we will donate as a group. SCANZ has been asked to clarity how the donation process works, and we await their response.

- Herald (Etain):

Submissions are still going through as mentioned last meeting. Etain has put a request to the group asking that all active heralds in the group make themselves known to her.

The name of the new Hamlet is still to be finalised, that is in process.

- Webwright (Aveline):

Aveline and Elyna have spoken briefly; Aveline has been since doing a fair bit of web maintenance, and did an audit of the site, with the resulting report being sent by email to the B&B and the Seneschal. There are quite a lot of things to discuss and to tidy up in order to fix up the coherence of the site content. Also following up with Thorbjorn Byarnylr of Southron Gaard on a few technical matters.

- Chatelaine (Giacoma):


- Chronicler (Elyna):

Still intending to put out another issue soon, and will put another call for submissions out soon, with a deadline attached.

- Marshal (Emrys):


Christine advised that Emrys has had his warrant as Knight-Marshal extended for a further period.

- Captain of Archers (Ahmed)


Christine advised that archery has restarted and is happening fortnightly.

- A&S Officer (Isabel)

N/A –

Christine advised that the weekly A&S zoom that Cluain was running has run its course and has been stopped.

6. Past Events:

- None.

7. Upcoming Events:

- Dance workshop (Christine):

Still in the pipeline; might be combined with the Craft Event Weekend.

- Craft Event Weekend (Christine/Trudie):

In the process of creating advertising and booking form for publication.

- Winter Event (Christine/Giacoma):

The booking form is now live, and the event has been advertised. Christine plans to share to other re-enactment groups in the area.

-  Summer Event 2022:

Nothing new to report as yet. Still looking for a stewarding team from the populace.

8. Other Business:

- New Hamlet (Christine/Etain):

Once the new name is ascertained it will be announced in Court at the next opportunity.

- Disclaimer for Facebook group (Christine/Aveline):

We have permission to use the disclaimer from the Cluain group. Aveline will look into putting this in place.

- Group Gear Inventory (Elyna):

At some point Elyna will be requesting assistance to inventory the current gear so that we know what we can offer the stewards of the Coronation Event in Cluain. Note that the Ildhafn list field is currently stored at Etain’s house, all other stuff is with Elyna.

- Cluain Seneschal (Christine):

Christine advised that the Seneschal of Cluain (Rudiger) has had his warrant extended for another period.

- Herald and Scribal point of interest: (Domenego)

Domenego advised that there is a Knowne World Scribal and Herald Symposium is coming up.

9. Date of next meeting: 2 July 2022.

10. Meeting close: at 1.44 pm.

Minutes written by Elyna.

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