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Canary - Man's third mutanza

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on January 10, 2011 - 12:45pm
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Present: Anna, William, Caterine, Ludwig, Katherina

Warm-up: Ginevra, Amoroso (including an improvised 3-person variant)


Main Session - Negri's Canary

Revision of all mutanze learned so far:

  • Woman's first mutanza
  • woman's second mutanza
  • man's first mutanza
  • man's second mutanza, including the ritirata this time

The first three required relatively little revision; the man's second mutanza is still giving us significant trouble, and none of us is entirely comfortable with the ritirata.


New material: Man's third mutanza

  • learned and thoroughly practiced the first half of the advance, starting on the left foot
  • attempted to repeat the advance on the right foot, but largely without much success yet
  • Katherina demonstrated but did not yet teach the ritirata

Next time we look at Canaries we should be able to put together the whole of this mutanza: advance on the left, advance on the right, retreat on left and right; advance again on right, then left, then retreat on right and left - 6 strains altogether!


Warm-down: Amoroso; and impromptu Chiara Stella for three (three soli, same steps in the final verse but "jousting" instead of taking hands) to very modern music; bits of Pavaniglia to the same modern music.


Next session: Will not be until next week, as several of us will be away for LOTS and 12th Night in Canberra.



Note: Regular all-inclusive renaissance dance classes have finished for the year, and will re-start in February. Over summer Katherina Weyssin runs intensive classes for a few of her advanced students, where we look at more difficult material. If this appeals to you, come to regular dance classes for a year or so to build up your skills, and you might be ready to join us by next summer!

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