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Event Report - St Valentine's Day Massacre 2021

From Maximilian (Event Steward)

TAKINGS:   $184.00        
OUTSTANDING:   $17.00        
  Venue Hire -$207.00        
  Kingdom Levy -$18.00        
  Event Memberships -$12.00 Adults attending 18 Event Memberships - 6    
      Kingdom Levy to Pay Event Membership to Pay
Outstanding Monies to collect
PROFIT/LOSS   -$36.00 $18.00 $12.00 $15.00 Courtney Hill-Male - $17

While we've made a loss of $36, we should also consider giving some recompensation to Elyna for having laundered the tableclothes after the event.

Steward's notes from Max:

I didn't get as much advertising out for this event as I wanted at the right timing points, and I set my price point ambitiously low.

I have only just realised that (one new person) apparently did not pay for the event, and have just sent them a payment reminder to follow this up.  I expect this to be resolved soon. (It's possible they may have paid the SCANZ membership account for example, as sometimes happens with new members)

Overall, I'm told that the people who attended St Valentines Massacre 2021 had a good time (I was not in fact there myself), but I have to admit my price pointing was a failure, and I did not manage to get as many infrequent event attendees/first time attendees as I had hoped for.