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Calendar feeds from the Ildhafn group calendar

Submitted by William de Cameron on April 17, 2021 - 10:14am

You can now subscribe to the Ildhafn calendar as an iCal feed; this means that events that are posted on the website will automagically show up (within an hour or two) on your device. 

If you want all events that show up on the calendar, whether they’re hosted in Ildhafn or not (so, including all formal events in other groups that someone happens to post on the Ildhafn calendar), then you want this link:

And you can subscribe to only some of the events types that get posted if you’d prefer.

If you want just Ildhafn-hosted events (practices and formal events), you want this link:

If you want just Ildhafn formal events (no practices etc), you want this link:

And if you just want practices, you want this link:

Of course, you can subscribe to multiple calendars at once if you want to (so you can then turn them on and off and make them different colours in your Google calendar), e.g. you might pick the last two, so you can distinguish between formal and recurring events. It’s totally up to you!