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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - March 2021

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on March 13, 2021 - 2:32pm


Minutes dated 6 March 2021

Meeting opened at 1.13pm

Attendees (online via Zoom): Ludwig von Regensburg (Seneschal, Webminster/Chronicler), Sympkyn of the Moor (Quartermaster), Elyna Delynor (Chatelaine), Eleanor Hall (Reeve), Griete van Groningen (A&S Officer), Ahmed (Captain of Archers)


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: none received.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Ludwig moved that the minutes from the previous meeting (December 2021 – link: be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Sympkyn, vote was in favour, motion carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes

5. Officer Reports: Quarterly reporting was done in February, so information recorded here is additional to those reports.

- Seneschal (Ludwig)
This was a reporting quarter so thank you to all who reported. I have still to report as seneschal but will do so very shortly. I’d like to extend my thanks to Griete for all her energy recently, she has been very active in her role and beyond.

Eleanor will be stepping down as Reeve, and we thank her for her service to the group. I have advertised this morning for a new Reeve through the usual channels.

I note Eleanor’s advice that we have had the wrong account set up (by the bank itself) so we will take the opportunity to correct that.

- Reeve (Eleanor):
Due to various personal reasons, I confirm my intention to step down once a replacement Reeve can be found. I have arranged for the recently due Quarterly Report to be covered, and I can nominally stay in the role a little longer but recognise that I wish to pass it on as soon as possible.

Sympkyn: I am happy to support the Reeve in her duties, albeit in an informal manner, until a replacement can be found.

Eleanor: As Ludwig says, our bank account looks to have been incorrectly set up initially, and we are unable to change our signatories at this time. We have been advised by the bank that we need to close our account and reopen a new one of a different type.

However, another option that has been suggested is that instead of opening an account of our own, Ildhafn should consider opening a sub-account under the SCANZ account.

There are a few advantages to this including:

-       more transparency to SCANZ of our accounts,

-       we would be dealing with business bankers when we need to change things, who seem to be more efficient,

-       if we ever have a situation where our local signatories are unable to be contacted then the SCANZ signatories would be available to help.

Ludwig: The next step would probably be for me to speak to SCANZ about the option of a sub-account.

Eleanor: I have mentioned it to James as SCANZ chair, so he has had a bit of notice that we’re considering this option.

Ludwig: I will write to SCANZ to ask how they feel about it, and then speak to the bank about what they can offer us and come back to the committee with a firm proposal.

- Webminster/Chronicler (Ludwig)
Eleanor has raised a point with me about there not being any official guidelines recorded, in terms of moderating the Barony’s Facebook group. We are quite casual at the moment but a degree of formality and outlining content requirements would be a good thing to have in place for the future. This might help cut down on the occasionally large amounts of unwanted content being presented for approval to the Facebook group, which subsequently has to be discarded by moderators, which can be tedious.

Sympkyn: I believe there is now a kingdom role moderating this stuff who we could contact. Also, out of interest, I note that Cluain has two Facebook groups, effectively a public face, and then the “village green” where anyone can post.

Elyna: I didn’t actually know there was more than one Cluain group, even though I’m an active Facebook user; I don’t know if we should copy that system, as there is a danger that important content mightn’t get seen by all if it should only go to one group and not the other.

Ludwig: My concern is that our Facebook group arguably doesn’t have enough content. I don’t know that we need an extra group.

Elyna: Out of interest, it’s probably a good idea to keep a list of who has admin rights on the Facebook group and keep that updated as people take on and step down from roles.

Griete: Likewise, for Meetup.

Sympkyn: And for Instagram.

Elyna: I have had it suggested to me that I run our Instagram account through an “@ildhafn” email address rather than the gmail address I set up for the purpose originally. Ludwig, I will contact you later about this.

I also wonder if we should have ‘officer’ facebook accounts, or persona accounts, to use for things like administering insta.

(General discussion on the concept of officer accounts and persona accounts on facebook.)

Ludwig: In conclusion, officer accounts are not such a good idea and those that exist will be discontinued. Individuals are welcome to use persona accounts at their own discretion. Elyna, can you touch base with the kingdom level contact person in regard to social media guidelines?

Elyna: Sure.

- Captain of Archers (Ahmed)
I will cancel archery this week for personal reasons, but in general it has been held every fortnight, as lockdown levels have allowed.

As discussed, the children’s sized loaner bows have been bought and the account submitted, so could we please pay Luan.

Ludwig: The committee hadn’t actual approved that spending yet. In November it was recorded in the minutes that we should get quotes. So, Ahmed has proposed that we buy two children’s bows, to be purchased at $100 each, from Luan. Could we please hear further details of the bows in question?

Sympkyn: (Gave a brief description of the bows, they are small horsebows, very hardy and good quality.)

Ludwig: I move that we purchase the two bows as proposed.

Elyna: I second the motion.

(Vote was all in favour, motion carried.)

Eleanor: I will set that payment up now.

- Quartermaster (Sympkyn)
Gear is back in storage after the last event. I spoke to Alyenora at C.F. re the new silk banner, but I’ve forgotten what she said, so I will follow up again by email.

- A&S Officer (Griete)
The A&S survey has been published, not many replies yet but it will stay open til the end of March.

I will be trying to get hold of people in terms of next Stuff Day and see what they want to work on.

6. Past Events:

- Summer Event (Ludwig)

I have checked that everyone has paid. I have to finalise the receipts and suchlike so that the event report can be finished.

- St Valentine’s Day Massacre (Ludwig)

No event report has been received yet. Gideon did a great job stewarding the event.

7. Upcoming Events:

- Casual picnic (Elyna)

I would like to do another picnic, it seems on the surface an easy-ish thing to throw together in a public place, but turnout in the past has been pretty disappointing. I wonder how to drive people to come… putting on a lunch spread maybe? I heavily dislike cooking and the idea of including anything catered always feels too hard to me. I’m thinking Cornwall Park as a default location.

Ludwig: Maybe outsource the cooking, there are others that would help if appealed to. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Eleanor: Yes, maybe let’s make it less casual. If we plan things a bit people would come, and I have less aversion to the idea of dealing of a lunch spread.

Elyna: Ok, I’ll be in touch with some of you and make a plan. There are all sorts we could include, from games, to hitting each other, to a spot of dancing on the grass.

Sympkyn: We could roll it into the end of heavy practice on a Sunday morning perhaps.

- Baronial Anniversary in June (Ludwig)

I have had two expressions of interest. One of them is from someone out of town so I will ideally team them up with someone local to facilitate practical arrangements. Once we have received actual proposals the committee can discuss further.

8. Other Business:


9. Date of next meeting: 27th March 2021 (brought forward a week due to Easter falling on the weekend of the 3rd April 2021)

10. Meeting closed at 2.18pm

Minutes written by Elyna Delynor.

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