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Agenda: Ildhafn Committee Meeting - March 2021

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on March 4, 2021 - 1:48pm


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: Please direct apologies to the Seneschal 24 hours prior to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Minutes from December’s meeting can be read here: - to be ratified at this meeting.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes

5. Officer Reports:

- Seneschal (Ludwig)

- Reeve (Eleanor):

·     Ildhafn’s Bank Account.

Our bank account looks to have been incorrectly set up initially and we are unable to change our signatories at this time. We have been advised that we need to close our account and reopen a new one of a different type.

Another option that has been suggested is that instead of opening an account of our own, Ildhafn open a sub account under the SCANZ account.

There are a few advantages to this including:

-       more transparency to SCANZ of our accounts

-       we would be dealing with business bankers when we need to change things who tend to be more efficient

-       if we ever have a situation where our local signatories are unable to be contacted then the SCANZ signatories would be available to help 

·     The Reeve advises she will be stepping down imminently.


- Herald (Maximilian)

- Webminster (Ludwig)

- Chatelaine (Elyna)

- Marshal (Emrys)

- Captain of Archers (Ahmed)

- Quartermaster (Sympkyn)

- A&S Officer (Griete)

6. Past Events:

·       Summer Event 

·       St Valentine’s Day Massacre

7. Upcoming Events:

·       Casual picnic (circumstances allowing)?

·       Baronial Anniversary (June)

8. Other Business:

·       Canterbury Faire debrief?

9. Date of next meeting: (bearing in mind when Easter falls)

10. Meeting close.


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