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Canario - Man's 1st and 2nd mutanze

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on January 3, 2011 - 10:32am

Present: William, Anna, Caterine, Katherina


Warmup: Figlia de Guglielmino, Chiara Stella


Main Session : Canario

New material (for at least some present)

  • Man's first mutanza
  • Man's second mutanza (including ritirata, which we hadn't previously done with any success)
  • new interpretation of the seguito spezzato in Canario

Katherina practiced her current interpretation of the man's third mutanza, which she'll teach next time.



  • Woman's first mutanza
  • Woman's second mutanza


Warm down: Ly Bens Distonys, Prenes en Gre


Next: Next sesssion (Thursday) we'll probably concentrate on the Canary again: solidify the man's second mutanza, and learn the man's third, and possibly the woman's third. I'd like us to practice incorporating well-known mutanze into the regular Canary structure, as this seems simple but is a common stumbling-point.



Note: Regular all-inclusive renaissance dance classes have finished for the year, and will re-start in February. Over summer Katherina Weyssin runs intensive classes for a few of her advanced students, where we look at more difficult material. If this appeals to you, come to regular dance classes for a year or so to build up your skills, and you might be ready to join us by next summer!

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