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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - September 2020

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on October 3, 2020 - 9:28am



Minutes dated 13 September 2020


Meeting opened at 4:35pm, Held over Zoom.


Attendees: Ludwig von Regensburg (Seneschal, Webminister), Eleanor Hall (Reeve), Sympkyn of the Moor (Quartermaster), Elyna Delynor (Chatelaine), Christine Bess Duvant.




1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal


2. Apologies: Griete van Gronigen (A&S)


3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Sympkyn moved that the minutes from the previous meeting (August 2020: be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Ludwig, vote in favour, motion carried.


4. Matters Arising from the Minutes:



5. Officer Reports:

Skipped this month.


6. Past Events: 



7. Upcoming Events:

- Winter Revel

Postponed due to Covid-19 level change in Auckland.  Anticipate re-scheduling site for early next year.


- Summer event

Budget discussed and agreed.  Decision to fix late booking fee at $10 for categories 1&2, $5 for 3&4.

Refunds due to illness once event has started to be decided on case by case basis. 

Christine to discuss (Covid related) cancellation conditions with site.  Also to address roster of cooks.

Ludwig to find stewarding help.

For schedule: Rapier Championship, ask heavies if they want to fight.  Ask Philip about archery.

That the event should be approved and advertised -- moved Elyna, seconded Eleanor.  Approved.


- St Valentine's


Old St Michael's booked in anticipation of a St Valentine's Day event, similar to last year.  Approved in principal, with intent to discuss formal proposal at next meeting.



8. Other Business:



9. Date of next meeting: 3 October 2020


10. Meeting closed 5:30pm


~Minutes written by Ludwig von Regensburg

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