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Lady Griete van Groningen

Lady Griete van Groningen (Yvonne Gwyn) is from the Netherlands in the 16th century.

I've been involved in re-enactment since joining the Wellington Medieval Guild in 2004, and joined the Barony of Ildhafn about 5 years ago.  Since then I've spent some time living in the Kingdom of Ealdormere (Toronto) before returning to the Barony in 2019.

My particular interests at the moment include:

  • painting, particularly portraiture. Mostly oil painting, though I have tried egg tempera.
  • illumination - I'm just diping my toes into the scribal arts of Lochac.
  • music - a long term project is learning to play the viol.
  • singing - I especially enjoy part singing.
  • wood carving is also something I have had a go at and would like to learn more about in future.  Particularly polychrome sculpture.

If you're interested in painting or scribal arts, or any of the above, please get in touch!

Lady Griete van Groningen