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Ildhafn Committee Meeting Minutes - February 2020

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on February 5, 2020 - 6:02pm


Minutes dated 1 February 2020 

Meeting opened at 1.05pm

Attendees: Ludwig von Regensburg (Seneschal, Webminster), Serafina di Giovanni Carducci (remotely) (Reeve), Sympkyn of the Moor (Quartermaster), William de Cameron (Marshall), Elyna Delynor (Chatelaine), Griete van Groningen (A&S Officer), Eleanor Hall, Katherine of Glastonbury.


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Senescal

2. Apologies: Christine Bess Duvant (Herald), Ahmed (Captain of Archers).

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Sympkyn moved the the minutes from the previous meeting be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Elyna, vote was in favour, motion carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes: None

5. Officer Reports: 

- Seneschal (Ludwig)

Thanks for being here, I intend to continue meetings on the first Saturday of the month if that suits everyone (general approval). Please check the calendar on the website ahead of time to confirm date and time.

(Sympkyn pointed out that the next first Saturday of the month will be during the St Sebastion’s event. Ludwig asks that all officers send him advance notice of any business and he will assess whether a meeting is required.)

There are two recent Officer changes, being A&S Officer and Herald. Welcome Griete, our new A&S officer! Crux has now confirmed Maximilian von Monsterberg for the Herald position, so we will begin the usual commentary period asap.

Getting our bank signatories changed is now urgent. I have asked Kiwibank for the necessary details.

Sympkyn: Last time we needed two current signatories to affect the change. Eleanor Hall and I are probably the easiest people to do this. Serafina might be able to fill in paperwork remotely and then go into a local branch.

Ludwig: Hopefully I’ll have clarification soon. Would like to add Max too as he is SCANZ Treasurer. Have emailed him but haven’t heard back yet.

Ludwig moves that we go ahead with changing signatories as discussed. Seconded by Sympkyn, vote was in favour, motion carried.

- Webminster (Ludwig)

As emailed to the committee, I would like to update photos of officers on the website, one phone in garb and one in plain clothes. Please send to me, either image file or link to image, thanks.

- Marshall (William)

Fencing: Nothing happened over the holidays but will be restarting very soon. Will email all fencers to confirm that practice session details will continue the same as last year.

Heavy: Sympkyn still has plans to get something happening but over the break nothing has been done, he will start prodding people again. Sympkyn is still keen, as is Ludwig. Emrys has made noises. Tayla was interested, Sympkyn will contact her.

Archery: Ahmed is still running archery every fortnight at Isabel’s property.

William advises he is looking at stepping down as Marshall probably mid-year.

- Quartermaster (Sympkyn)

Sympkyn: Things are much as they were. Large Ildhafn silk flag has gone to Alyenora in Cluain to be measured and a new one is currently being worked on.

Speaking with Baron hat on: I still need to get a new tankard for the Heavy Champion’s Trophy. Elyna and I will get that done.

Also, wish to advise that a fleur-de-lis came off the coronet at Canterbury Faire. It had clearly been previously broken and mended. Both baronial coronets were left in the care of Sebastian of Southron Gaard. We have asked him to service them, and he will do a quote before beginning work, which we will bring to committee for approval. He may be coming up to St Seb’s, so if it would be highly desirable to get them done by then if possible. We wondered also about the option of putting lymphads on them to make them represent the Barony more specifically. Sebastian will consider options and get back to us.

- Chateleine (Elyna)

Running an event soon, will discuss fully later in the agenda.

Gold Key loaner gear still to be sorted out properly. Rather than keeping a jumble of mismatched garments I really want to compile complete outfits, and clearly identify where the holes are in what we need (off the top of my head, menswear mostly). I have done an inventory but it is not really compiled yet. Once we know what’s needed we could do a group workshop.

I would like to discard (whether bin or donate to LARPers) the really bad stuff. Will confirm specifics with committee beforehand.

Fina mentioned that she has a shirt to donate.

- A&S Officer (Griete)

I plan to contact the Kingdom A&S Officer and check what is required of me in this role. I have read the A&S handbook but that probably isn’t the level of detail needed. (Ludwig advises there are officer resources on the Ildhafn website.)

Have talked to a few people about a few ideas, will bring proposals to committee once they have taken form.

- Reeve (Fina)

I haven’t been in touch with Kingdom Exchequer yet. Eleanor has sent me past documentation re recent financials, including details from last Summer Event. I have some receipts from Canterbury Faire. I’m unclear at this stage where things are with Xero. (Eleanor advises asking Max, she says we are currently still using excel. Sympkyn says he has told our account to stop sending paper statements to an outdated address. William advises checking when we change signatories, that it doesn’t default to paper statements again as he believes this is not the first time we have asked them not to.) Theoretically once Xero is up and running we shouldn’t need statements at all, as it will feed in data automatically.

6. Past Events:

- The Ildhafn campsite at Canterbury Faire

William: Campsite stuff all went well. Just collecting receipts and such so we can set up reimbursements. We have probably made a slight profit, I suggest we throw any excess to Alyenora and Rudiger as they have only been allocated about a hundred dollars (General agreement from committee. Will be voted on when final numbers are available). There was an executive decision at camp to purchase a kettle. There are a few items that got thrown out, eg very old sunscreen. Will likely need to replenish a few supplies next time. There is a current inventory of supplies kept at the site. Alyenora and Rudiger are looking at making some lighting specifically to leave down there. Propose we find some way to thank them for work and time & efforts (General agreement from committee).

Elyna (with Baroness hat on): Sympkyn and I have been thinking about what things it would be useful for the B&B to know were on site at Faire, namely: Thrones (a.k.a. posh chairs), water cups and a jug for tournaments and courts, and feasting kit for high table occasions. We are often asked by Southron Gaard whether we will be bringing thrones, especially when there are other visiting B&Bs as there were this year, and we can’t keep borrowing Alyenora & Rudiger’s chairs.

William: Thrones would definitely be good, let’s make that this year’s mission.

Sympkyn: We want to make decorated plates etc for high table with ildhafn markings. Will make attendants’ lives easier.

William: The existing boxes in the storage container are full. Maybe we should make a small chest specifically for B&B stuff that can double as a small table between thrones.

Sympkyn volunteers to work with Ed Braythwayte to make that happen.

7. Upcoming Events:

- St Valentine's Day Massacre (Elyna)

Proposal was approved by email in January 2020 and advertising has been out since before Faire. Griete has agreed to help with coordination of pot-luck supper. Tokens are all organised.

We will need the fencing list, Ludwig and William will organise its transport on the day.

Shade will be a potential issue. There are a couple of trees but not enough. William offers the awning of their tent, and Sympkyn thinks he can put up a small awning also.

We still need more bookings! And more fencers!

- Summer Event, site confirmation

Sympkyn: The Hunua site is pencil booked. We need to confirm the booking asap. They wanted it done during January but as that was impossible they want it confirmed at the start of February. Our pencil-booked dates are 20th-22nd November 2020. There may be a price review in time. Currently $1,750 is still the minimum site hire.

Elyna moves that we confirm the site booking. Seconded by William, vote was in favour, motion carried. 

8. Other Business: None

9. Date of next meeting: Ludwig to confirm, pending notification of any upcoming business. 

10. Meeting closed at 2.06pm.

Minutes written by Elyna Delynor.

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