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Minutes: Saturday 14th of December 2019

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on December 17, 2019 - 12:08pm

Due to a lack of officers present the first part of the meeting was informal.  No attendance was taken.

Minutes taken by Patrick Bowman (Seneschal)

Seneschal's report

Handover from Nicola is mostly complete.  Key to be handed over, agree to delete Seneschal Facebook account (currently inactive).  Two officer positions were advertised (A&S and Herald), applications received for both, I will forward to the relevant Kingdom officers and expect to be able to announce the results shortly.  As we have a Reeve based out of town, future meetings will need some coordination with her regarding video conferencing.  I will consult as to the most appropriate platform / software.  A dedicated webcam may be appropriate.


In Play

SIlk Banner: Replacement plan agreed last meeting and forwarded to Liz Brodie.

Silk Thread: Proposal from Katherine (sent to Council list) to buy quality silk in bulk.  Decided may want one of each colour.  Patrick to ask Katherine to prepare a quote.

CF planning: Underway and no one involved present.  Nothing to discuss.


Past Events

Summer Event (Ian): Event went well.  Small loss (~$200), later updated to small profit (~$200) once late booking fees taken into account.  Link to event report when available.  Request to reemburse Alex Allison $85 for petrol and laundry.


Future Events

Summer Event 2020: Given demand for site, prudent to obtain pencil booking now.  After checking calendar, agreed to request Hunua for 20-22nd November.

General agreement to do research on possible venues in Auckland region for both single-day and weekend events.


Other Business

Herald's books: Desire to obtain more period appropriate binding for Ildhafn relevant ceremonies.  Seek quote from Vanessa.

Medieval Garden Opening: Cluain has been invited to participate in the opening of the Medieval Garden in Hamilton (22nd of March).  Michelle will look for volunteers from across the barony.

Possible demonstration: Received suggestion Clevedon A&P might be suitable venue.

Meetup: Costs across Lochac could be minimised if the Kingdom purchase a network.  Patrick to include suggestion in quarterly report.


Once quorum was reached, motions requiring formal approval were revisited.  Only officer attendance, required for quorum, was recorded.

Formal Business

Officers attending: Patrick Bowman (Seneschal), Ian Piddington (Quartermaster), Wendy Piddington (Chatelaine), Agate Ponder-Sutton (A&S), Philip Kilpatrick (Captain of Archers).

Start 6pm

Motion: Add Patrick Bowman and Meghann Exley as signatories on the group Kiwibank account.  Remove Elize de Jager.

Passed unanimously.

Motion: Reemburse Alex Allison $85 for expenses related to Summer Event (petrol and laundry).

Passed unanimously.

Motion: Authorise Ian Piddington to obtain pencil booking for Hunua Falls Camp for 20-22nd November 2020.

Passed unanimously.

Closed 6:05.


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