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Proposed April Agenda

Submitted by Eleanor Hall on April 5, 2019 - 1:59pm


Matters from previous meeting:

- Platters, Eleanor has emailed Maerwyn re this.

- CF reimbursments: have been completed.

- Kingdom Levy- Resolved and we are up to date- until the next quarterly ;)

- Savings account – Eleanor forgot about this and will try and get movement on this over the coming month.

- Officer reports: 








- Arrows: 

Hi all, 

Please reply quickly as I would like to get these in motion before the next meeting. I have two things that I am proposing: We need new arrows for the Barony. I want to buy 24 arrows at $9 each from Luan. They will be $216 in total. This is lots less than most other vendors.

The old target stands need to go. They have only been waiting for us to build new ones, which I have just finished. I would like to offer them to anyone in the group first. If no one wants them, we could put them on Trade Me for $1 reserve. If that doesn't work one of us with a trailer should take them to the dump. 

Please let me know your thoughts. 

Yours in service


Ahmed Capt of archers




  • 7x approval support from officers as of 05/04




Request from Katherine






As you've doubtless heard, some of Ildhafn's dancers and musos are putting on a non-SCA concert of Italian Renaissance dance and music. 




Two questions for the committee: 


1. Can I confirm that it's ok to continue to advertise through SCA channels?


2. May we borrow some Baronial gear to use as props? (banner/s, herald's tabard, possibly some other items such as carafes)




Obviously, I would ensure that all borrowed items were returned in a timely manner and in good condition. 




While this is not an SCA event (not even close - it's a concert) the subject matter is very much relevant to the SCA, and many of the cast and crew are active SCA members. I think it also has potential to be a small advertising/recruitment opportunity for Ildhafn - if we borrow gear, we could acknowledge Ildhafn in the program and have some flyers available in the foyer. 




I'd appreciate it if this could be discussed at Saturday's meeting. 




Thanks a heap!






writing this time as artistic director of Capriol 




-Future events


- Eleanor and Max are in the process of putting together an event – the bid was previously proposed but withdrawn as we lost the hall and then SG announced they are running an event the same weekend  so the event will be moved till later in the year.




-Summer Event






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