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Minutes of the Ildhafn Committee Meeting: 2 February 2019

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on February 12, 2019 - 7:30am


Minutes dated 2 February 2019

Meeting opened at 1.20pm

Eleanor (Seneschal), Maheshti (A&S Officer), Ahmed (Captain of Archers),  William de Cameron (Marshall), Elyna (Chatelaine), Sympkyn (Quartermaster), Ludwig (Webminster).


1. Opening and Welcome: by the Seneschal.

2. Apologies: Elize (Reeve), Christine (Herald).
Seneschal reminds all of the correct apology procedures.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: Elyna moved that the minutes from the October 2018 meeting, being the previous minutes, be accepted by this meeting. Seconded by Sympkyn, vote was in favour, motion carried.

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

5. Officer Reports:

- Seneschal
Not a lot of business because of Canterbury Faire. We all survived the event despite all of the plagues. In Ildhafn news looking forward there will be an officer juggle at the end of the year, so start looking at your replacements now. The Herald, Reeve, Senechal, A&S roles will come up in December, the Marshals in April next year, and Chatelaine in September next year. Quarterly reports due in 2 weeks except for Reeve, please write early.

- Chatelaine
New person moved up from Christchurch that Elyna liaised with at Faire, he is coming to Stuff Day and is hopeful of his partner joining us for an event in future. Also there is a new lady coming to music this term. Cluain is having Hastilude at Hamilton gardens this month in garb.

- Captain of Archers
Practice this Sunday! Continuing fortnightly practices this year. Would like to be weekly but probably won’t be possible as we have to share the space with others. Still finishing the rest of the new targets, Ahmed and Sympkyn to sort.

- Herald
Not present.

- Marshal
Fencing starts next week. Armoured practice has already started for the term, on Monday nights. Only a couple of people at the moment but new person is hopefully keen.
A tourney would be a good thing, we could invite Cluain too.

- Reeve
Not present. Seneschal reports: We are not making money but are comfortably with funds. All finances are settled from Summer Event in December 2018, we just need to pay kingdom levies. We did make a profit in the last quarter from Summer Event, with currently just over $8k in bank. Eleanor has indicated that when she steps down as Seneschal she may well step up as Reeve. Thorald may be coming up at some point to do some Reeve training. (General enthusiam from the meeting at this.)

- Webminster
Haven’t done much but have been prodding the contacts page. More photos would be good. Suggest photos in plain clothes as well as garb would make the B&B and the officers look more approachable and show that we are “normal” in real life.

- Quartermaster
Sympkyn asks that the big cast iron burner and all the coffee stuff could be given back to the owner thereof. William said he would take and either return to owner or keep.
Sympkyn looked into storage facilities and costs, and reports that to store our gear would cost over $3k annually without insurance, and unfortunately we can’t afford that. Elyna confirms that enquiries regarding getting discounted or free storage due to our status as a ‘non-profit’ has proven fruitless. For now the gear can stay at Sympkyn and Elyna’s house. Sympkyn hasn’t bought boxes yet for platters but will do, the plan is 30 platters per box to allow easy lifting and minimise box breakage in future. Also planning to make 3 bags for club banners as the current bag is very tight. Conversation took place at Faire regarding the standardising of Baronial banners and banner sizes across the Kingdom, this conversation is expected to continue at B&B level so we will keep the committee advised in due course.

Further conversation at Faire with Elizabet from Melbourne resulted in her advising that she would be willing to do a banner making workshop if we pay the cost of her getting over here and put her up somewhere. Maheshti offered to give her room to stay. Plan to discuss further later.

Still club gear to stuff to sort out and stuff to get rid off as discussed previously. The Quartermaster and Chatelaine are planning to put together 5 sets of nice feasting gear and get rid of the rest, probably by first offering to the populace and then op shop donation for unwanted things.

William advises he is happy to keep storing the list field.

A&S officer:
Stuff happened at Faire. As a barony we are quite self motivated. It is good. Stuff happens at Stuff Day too.

6. Past Events:

- SCA presence at NAAMA
(NB/ The organisers of NAAMA had asked about hiring our platters but then withdrew the request as it was not required in the end.)

About a dozen Ildhafn and Cluain people attended. Overall we had really good interaction with other people and there was a good degree of interest in our campsite, and positive comments about how it looked. One comment overheard from one reenactor to another “if you want to do anything craft related, talk to these guys”. Sympkyn has been having ongoing conversations with fighters to try and cross-pollinate a bit with HMB and other clubs.

By turning up to multi-group events and socialising/playing with other groups we can continue to break down the appearance of ‘snobbishness’ and reputation for eliteism that the SCA sadly has had in the past.

-Summer Event
Sympkyn: Event was well received, made a profit of just over $300, everyone came in under budget, people had fun. The site is very happy with us, the warden was very happy with us and enjoyed feast very much. Archery was good and the hunt was fun. We had various tourneys - we would like to move the Heavy tourney in future and make Summer ERen about the Rapier tourney primarily. Might see if Cluain are willing to host something. At Faire Sympkyn had a chat with Grim about the Heavey trophy and he reported that it was stolen from his house when they were broken into recently. We will have to source a new one, and will have to re-build the list of past winners. The old trophy was a tankard, the new one will be too unless any better ideas come up.

-Canterbury Faire
We have had an enquiry from Kingdom Exchequer in respect of the running of the Faire campsite funds from our bank account, apparently it may not be appropriate. Our opinion is that it’s not a problem and we are not clear what they would like us to do about it going forward. Eleanor has asked for more clarification and their suggested options. We are unwilling to run an account under an independent person’s name as that is not appropriate. Eleanor will follow up, it is not urgent but does need confirming and we will be discussing with SCANZ to find a solution.

William reports that there are a few things he will need refunded as well as checking who hasn’t paid and suchlike. Overall the site running was awesome, thanks to all. We ended up with a bunch of extra people, Amy and Giles are great especially as they brought a fridge. Suggestion of adding hand sanitiser to the list of stuff to buy for future events. We have container space at the site and the option of acquireing more in future; two chests of awnings, pegs, etc, benches, table, and ambury are all stored on site. All gear in good order and went away dry. Our stuff is mostly spread out in the container at present because Darton (with whom we share space) took their stuff out for May Crown, so their gear will return next year.
William also notes that there was a pipe that cracked, producing a sewerage smell in our campsite, he will be keeping in touch with Southron Gaard to ensure this is fixed before next Faire.

Sympkyn suggests we make some nice chairs for thrones and keep them at Faire site so that we don’t need to borrow some each time. He and Elyna are working on making pretty feasting gear and suggest we could leave a set there too for current and future B&Bs to use.

7. Upcoming Events:

Nothing planned. We need stewards.

William mentions that if we want to use Hunua Falls for Summer Event again we should book soon. Sympkyn offered to contact them and enquire about dates, late November rather than December ideally. Check with Luan about his sword symposium so we don’t clash dates.

Sympkyn said there has been an idea put forward by Emrys for an event, it is suggested we start a war with Darton. Mixed rapier and heavy. Rotorua area maybe.

8. Other Business:

- Goal setting - officers (Eleanor/All) – to discuss at next meeting.

- Kingdom levy backlog is still being sorted (Eleanor/Elize).

- Invoice re Shipping container has been paid.

- Group Guidelines: Proposed changes to be confirmed and voted on - meeting procedures, quorum, etc. Elyna moved the proposed changes be accepted, Sympkyn seconded, vote was in favour, motion carried.

- Cluain to advise whether they want any platters. Once they have confirmed we can advertise remaining platters for the populace to buy. Eleanor to talk to Maerwynn. Gildenwick very pleased with theirs.

- Confirm date of next meeting: 2nd March 2019 – at Eleanor’s place because they will have a new house!

9. Meeting closed at 2.01pm.

~Minutes taken by Elyna


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