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Minutes of the Ildhafn Committee Meeting: 6 October 2018

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on October 31, 2018 - 5:09pm


Minutes dated 6 October 2018.

Meeting opened at 1.24pm

 Eleanor (Seneschal), Maheshti (A&S Officer), Omid (Archery Marshall), Christine (Herald), Elyna (Chatelaine), Sympkyn, Ludwig (Webminster).

Apologies: Elize (Reeve), William (Marshall), Mina (Quartermaster)


Seneschal: Eleanor is in the process of making a decision on the new Canton Seneschal. Not required to go through kingdom as she had first thought. She would like to see more events planned but currently real life is way hardcore so she can’t take anything on herself. Keen to facilitate other people doing things but not much headspace herself.

Chatelaine: Have been in touch with a chap who apparently used to casually play in Southron Gaard, he is hopefully coming to Summer Event. A couple of casual players have fallen off the planet but I’m trying to maintain contact. A new person came to archery last weekend, he originally found us on Meetup and has been coming along to fencing. Elyna got his email address and put him on the mailing list. A lady also came to music as an observer, also found through Meetup.

Elyna has started an Instagram account to raise our social media profile, as Chateleine she will drive this. Email any photos to Elyna if you want to share on instagram.

Planning to schedule another picnic soon as the weather is becoming nicer.

Captain of Archers: We have a new target! It held up ok to being shot on Sunday last. Has since been re-covered with another layer of hard foam and looks good. In the process of sourcing more foam to make another. We still need to make some new frames. Sympkyn said there are often pallets going cheap/free, and we could use those to make some.

A&S: Shoe workshop was taught by Master Ed and co-ordinated by Sympkyn. Calligraphy is planned for today’s Stuff Day. Sympkyn requests some A&S at Summer Event, Maheshti says we can do some classes, perhaps leading into the theme of St Sebs early next year.

Herald: Sympkyn’s name and arms are registered. Christine gives Fiore credit for making this happen. Mina’s name and arms also are registered. Elyna’s name is registered and her arms are currently in progress. Steffan’s are also in progress.

Reeve: Not present.

Webminster: Welcome to new Webminster! Handover has not yet happened officially but it will happen in the next week.

Past event

Shoe Workshop 

There were five people plus Sympkyn and Ed at the shoe workshop. Everyone went away with one shoe partially finished, with the intention to make another. Some had their own leather and some bought it from Sympkyn who had sourced some skins out of his own pocket. The workshop ran for two full day sessions, which was very hard work on the hands. This was Ed’s method of making shoes and he specifically said that it was a simpler way than the hardcore experts would recommend, but it gives a working turn shoe as a result. He also said at the time that there is a shoemaking Laurel in Darton (William de Wyke) who can offer much more extensive knowledge should anyone wish it in future.

Pattens were made at the next of Cluain’s Hastiludes as a followup project which was also successful.

So there are now a number of people in the city who know about simple shoe making. If we want to do it again for any other interested people we could look at doing another session and keep sharing knowledge. Very successful!

Upcoming events

Ildhafn Summer Event

People have starting booking but Sympkyn says he will keep prompting the populace to keep bookings coming in.

The timetable is still in formation but very loosely, the Baronial rapier tourney will be held Saturday morning, the Baronial heavy tourney will be happening too at some stage. Some A&S would be great, Sympkyn will confer with Maheshti, and Christine has offered to do a theatre class. Isabel will be doing the feast, Katherina will arrange some dancing, and Omid will organise archery. Lunches and breakfasts still need organisers at this stage.

Sympkyn still needs to contact the site caretaker about getting in early on Friday night and about the alcohol and re the oil lamps. Going to invite caretaker to the feast as a courtesy and to win future brownie points.

Canterbury Faire

We still need a Camp Coordinator. We have had one tentative “If no-one else does it then I’ll do it, I’d but rather someone else did” from William de Cameron.

Two non-Ildhafn people have booked to camp with us, Amalia and Angele. It was suggested informally that Angele would make a very able Camp Coordinator.

Regarding camp infrastructure, it has been suggested that the group pays or subsidises the costs of moving stuff - all present were in favour of this. The next step is to ask what the cost will be and what specific infrastructure needs to be covered.

As usual there will be a donation from people who are likely to use the camp area.


Reminder to officers of apology process: Within 48 hours of the meeting start time, please notify the Seneschal by email, within 24 hours by chat/IM or by text message, within 2 hours by phone call. If you do not have the Seneschal’s mobile number for this purpose please obtain it from her before you need it.

Skype and FaceTime could be a method for future remote attendance options if necessary. 

Reminder to officers re reports: Officers who are not attending the monthly meeting should please use the website to make their monthly report. If they are attending the meeting they can of course report in person.

Quarterly reports are to be put on the website and also emailed to the Seneschal.

Any officer who requires training on the use of the website reporting function please approach the Webminster. In the interim, if you email your report to Elyna I will post it for you in the short term.

Stuff Day future options: Dyeing workshop. Katherina has been approached and is interested in offering some guidance, and Anne Ginders has also shown willingness to help. Sympkyn and Elyna will follow up this plan.

Quartermaster role: As noted at last month’s meeting, Mina can no longer store the Baronial gear, and it is now at the B&B’s house. It has been a while that Mina has been Quartermaster so it is fair that someone else take on the job for a bit. Sympkyn said he is willing do it in a pinch but only if nobody else will, as we now have the Gold Key gear at our place too it would be nice to spread the load if possible. He will speak to Mina about passing the role on to someone else.

Sympkyn still needs to get new storage boxes for the plates. He hopes to do this in the next month.

The Committee on behalf of the Barony wishes to record in the minutes their grateful thanks to Mina for the extended time she has served in the Quartermaster role.

On a related note, it was suggested by Christine that we approach a storage place and ask for a deal given we are a not-for-profit organisation. The meeting generally approved this idea and Eleanor will look into this further.

Other: Christine, who is newly returned from spending time in the Northern parts of the Knowne World, reports that the Shire of Eplaheimr is soon going to become the first ever Barony of Insulae Draconis, and as such she wishes to put them in touch with Sympkyn and Elyna as Baron and Baroness of Ildhafn. Sympkyn and Elyna expressed their approval of this idea.

Other: The Seneschal has proposed that we amend the rules to include all Deputy Officers and the current Landed Baron and Baroness in the people who can comprise quorum. This was discussed at the September meeting and was generally approved. However as it has not yet been voted on, Elyna suggested that we present it on next month’s agenda to be ratified.

Other: Follow up on the refunds that have been approved to Maheshti and Elyna from Baronial Anniversary but not put through yet.

Other: Sympkyn raised the issue of the Barony’s ongoing approach to facilitating attendance and participation of people with accessibility issues, for example, impaired sight or hearing, mobility issues, etc. Sympkyn is going to continue working on this and mention it at kingdom level, to discover how other baronies handle this, and whether there is a kingdom level officer for such. This is in addition to the Baron and Baroness’s push to remove barriers to joining. It is suggested that future event booking forms have a ‘do you need assistance’ field similar to the allergies field. It will be clarified that the person asking for help will need to be responsible for being fair about communication and offering financial donations for petrol/sharing a shuttle/etc.
 Also discussed medical conditions like diabetics, allergies, etc, so that stewards are aware in case people need assistance in an emergency, e.g. if someone collapses, we need to know how to help.

Other: November meeting is likely to be held by email. December meeting could be held during the Ildhafn Summer Event. 

Meeting closed 2.18pm

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