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August 2018 committee agenda

Submitted by William de Cameron on August 4, 2018 - 11:25am

 Ildhafn august 2018 Committee meeting agenda

DATE august 2018

Meeting opens TIME


  • Eleanor Hall


  • Christine
  • David


Opening business:


Officer Briefs /Reports:





Captain of Archers:





Previous events

Stuff Day -Spoon Workshop

Spoons were made!  Discussion on how people felt this went.


Baronial anniversary

25 full members attended

16 event members

1 youth

2 children

1 child under 5

Draft of the event report -

Despite earlier predictions that the event would make a loss it made a profit - currently the event has made a profit of $143.16 however the stewards have requested that some additional costs that weren’t in the initial budget be paid to those who bore them.

The following items were not included in the initial proposal but are requested:

-$20 refund to Agate, this was not included in the initial proposal because the stewards were totally unaware that it was a thing- it is, as per the May 2009 council minutes (for discussion at end of agenda)  the Steward and Deputy steward request that although this was not in the proposal that the cook be given a comp ticket and be refunded her ticket - not only was the event a great success but when we booked a site with no kitchen we expected a lot smaller turn out and so the site itself was a significant strain on the cook.

-$68.67 refund to Elyna for the purchase of the prize and pearl tokens for the event - these were not in our initial proposal and Elyna intended to simply absorb the cost- I as deputy steward request that we consider reimbursing her for this cost so she is not out of pocket (and is likely to consider stewarding again ;).


Upcoming events


Stuff Days:

September-Shoe making workshop

October - Scribal & Illumination?


December - clashes with Summer event?


Summer event

-  How’s this looking?

Booked and paid deposit - bid needs to be finalised.


Canterbury Faire

- Campsite organiser and infrastructure needs discussion

Rudiger and Aleynora are not going so if we want the infrastructure they normally take down we need to organise to get it there. Should we advertise for a camp coordinator ASAP to coordinate how is camping where and what needs to be transported and how it will get there?


History nights





Other Business

  • New officers required - Chatelaine to be advertised ASAP - I haven’t heard back from Shannon about advertising is so I’m much going

  • Commentary on new Web Minister to be advertised once I get confirmation that they have received my email advising them on the outcome.


Quartermaster Gear

  1. the gas burner is missing at least 1 leg and David was saying it belongs to a member so we should see if they want it back, if they don't do we need it?

  2. There are a bunch of old Tupperware containers that look a bit manky, do we still want them

  3. there are a bunch of random things in the children's toy box - do we still want them

  4. there are 4 poles, they might be gazebo poles. are they ours, if they are where is the thing they belong to or do we still want them.

  5. there is a large bunch of random cutlery, mainly knives. do we want them



  • We will keep 150 of the smaller metal platters

  • We are keeping all (40ish) of the larger metal platters

  • We will gift some platters to Guildenwick, and possibly some to Cluain (Ed taking it to Cluain council)

  • We will look at offering any remaining platters for sale to the populace


Discuss and confirm the above.


Goal Planning:

From Seneschal:

Hi everyone,


Now that things are starting to settle and many of us are finally feeling like we have our feet under us in our roles I’d like us to consider planning goals – mainly so we have a little more direction and our goals as officers align with the goals of the overall group.


If possible I would like all of you to take a moment or two to think about something that relates to your role that you would like to achieve in, or before, the first quarter of 2019 – it could be something simple as ‘I want to see X class run’ or ‘I want to get Y piece of administration tidied up’ scale your goal to the level of time / administration / effort you are willing and able to put in – if you choose a goal that is easily achieved and manage to get it done quickly and want to create and work on a new goal then that’s great! If you choose an ambitious goal that you want to tackle, then we can break it down into smaller deliverables so even if the big goal suddenly becomes  too much and needs to be abandoned because of real lifeTM all is not lost.


An excellent example is Master William’s heavy adventure – next Wednesday there is a ‘give heavy a go’ session happening- the aim isn’t for him to run heavy – but to get a group of people who are interested together to see if they  want to get heavy up and running again – he has just facilitated the time and place and give people a chance.


Please think about what goal you would like to take a shot at and we will briefly discuss these in committee tomorrow – I would like to keep each discussion very brief – say two to three minutes per officer (keep’em small guys) – that way we can then  have a quick discussion on how we can support and help each other to achieve our goals and what we can do to make these goals outcomes!


Sorry I didn’t give you more notice, I only just thought of this and have decided to run with it!


Any questions please fire them through to me!

If there is anyone else who is not an officer who would like to set a goal – please do! You’re welcome at the Committee Meeting or you can fire it through by email!




From the May 2009 minutes

“Discounts for stewards and cooks

Much discussion - Council's decision:

Stewards and cooks may choose not to pay for event - please include any discounts in proposal and budget. As a general principal, up to a total of 2 free tickets per event are expected in a proposal (e.g. cook and steward are free; co-stewards recieve 50% discount, or other similar scheme). These may also be used to provide a discount to someone who comes to an event primarily to work/serve (for example someone who comes along only as a kitchen-hand), but this should be detailed in the event proposal.”

Meeting closed TIME pm

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