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July 2018 minutes

Submitted by William de Cameron on July 7, 2018 - 1:08pm

Ildhafn July 2018 Committee meeting minutes

DATE: July 7, 2018

Attendees: Eleanor, David, Ian, Wendy, Agate, Phil, Elize

Apologies: Chantelle, Shannon

Meeting opened: 1:15pm 

  • Opening business
  • Officer Briefs /Reports
    • Seneschal (Eleanor)
      • Please can officers use the website reporting form
      • We're about to finish the signatory changes (this coming Monday). Hurrah!
      • Please prod Eleanor if there's anything you've asked her to do and haven't heard back.
    • Marshal (David)
      • There will be a heavy combat evening at fencing practice in the 3rd or 4th week of next term. David to advertise, will send details out to everyone.
    • Herald (Chantelle, report from Eleanor)
      • Two members of the group have names, and several has a devices in process.
    • Reeve (Elize)
      • Signatories will hopefully be sorted on Monday; current signatories have been disabled.
      • Quarterly report is due next week, Eleanor will assist.
    • Webminister (David)
      • Two applicants for role, applications close tonight.
      • Eleanor noted that some images in her brickstitch page are broken, David to investigate.
      • David is testing a new module for the site that allows customisation of recurring event instances
    • Chatelaine (Shannon)
      • Stepping down as moving to Southron Gaard
      • Have dropped off chatelaine stuff at Baron and Baronesses place
    • Quartermaster (Ian reporting on behalf)
      • Almost all equipment is at the B&Bs place having been inventoried
      • A couple of boxes are broken and need replacing
      • We have many many plates and should look at reducing the number we hold
      • Committee agrees to spend up to $100 on new boxes, Ian to get replacement boxes
      • Michaela is happy to continue to store equipment, but it will be in a section of the garage which sometimes gets damp
        • The group gear is not covered by insurance
      • Genuine rubbish will be discarded
      • Ian to put together a proposal of what to discard, review, keep and will send out to the group lists
      • Ian will also label up the boxes
    • A&S (Agate)
      • Dance, music and fencing are all happening
      • Spoon making happening at this stuff day
      • Next stuff day looking at caligraphy and illumination
    • Archery (Phil)
      • There was an archery thing, but no-one came along
      • Two newcomers were interested, but they couldn't be there in the morning 
      • Next practice is tomorrow (Sunday 8th)
  • Previous events
    • Stuff Days
      • Inventory Stuff Day
        • See quartermaster's report
        • We will keep 150 of the smaller metal platters
        • We are keeping all (40ish) of the larger metal platters
        • We will gift some platters to Guildenwick, and possibly some to Cluain (Ed taking it to Cluain council)
        • We will look at offering any remaining platters for sale to the populace
  • Upcoming events
    • Stuff Days:
      • Spoon workshop - July
      • Shoe making workshop - September, proposal to come to August committee meeting
    • Winter Event (Elyna/Eleanor)
      • Bookings closed on 07/06/2018
      • We have 39 bookings recieved
      • Hall has been paid for already
      • We will be overcatering (to cover door sales) by 10; catering for 50 people (max event size).
      • Eleanor/Elyna to advertise event cap
      • We need to request a cash advance of $500 to be paid to Agate for the food: committee approves.
    • Summer event (Ian)
      • Booked and paid deposit - finalise bid in June.
      • Ian to go out and talk to new caretaker about lamps, and site dampness discretion
      • Bookings will open as soon as bid is finalised; at August meeting.
    • History nights (Eleanor)
      • On the backburner until later this year/next year.
    • 2019 Demo
      • Shelve idea until future enthusiasm occurs
    • Collegium
      • Shelve idea until future
  • Other Business
    • New officers required
      • We need a new Chatelaine, as Vittoria is moving to SG. Eleanor to talk to Vittoria about advertising the position.
    • Review of group guidelines
      • David will review them and present proposed updates at next council
    • B&B would like to encourage new people to look at stewarding events, small ones are fine (e.g. half day things). We can build up to bigger events as people gain experience.

Meeting closed: 1:55pm

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