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Baronial Anniversary 2018

Baronial Anniversary - proposal DRAFT

Description of event

Informal tavern evening with supper. The idea is to create an environment where guests eat, drink, game, play music and socialise at will. Tables set about in cafe style manner - groups of tables and chairs that people can move around depending on their activity / socialisation etc


 We wish to have an element of gambling - there will be a prize at the close of the evening for the person with the most tokens.


 Supper will be catered and likely to be an Eastern Theme with a buffet of nibbly food.


  • Steward: Elyna Delynor

  • Deputy steward: Eleanor Hall

  • Supper Cook: Maheeshti al-Barraniya

  • Date: Saturday July 14th

  • Time:

    • site from 2pm-11pm

    • event from 4pm-9pm

  • Location: Old St Michael’s Church – Henderson (see photos at the end of proposal) 426 Great North Road, Henderson

  • Price: $20 for an adult SCA member - see more below




Break even of 30 adults.

30 is quite high (15 or 20 would be safe) but not un-achievable.

We'd like to keep the price low, and do our best to get some new faces along. With that in mind, we've set a high break-even, with the intention to scrape a tiny profit or make a small loss. The group doesn't stand to lose much money (less than $150, even if we only got 15 people), and right now we need new faces much more than we need more cash.

Fixed costs (set amount, regardless of how many attend)


Total Fixed costs

Per person cost (30 adults)





"Fixed" costs (might as well call it a set amount, because it doesn't change much for 15, 30 or 45 people)


Misc - lighting, cleaning, loo-paper, rubbish disposal, etc



Laundry - washing tablecloths and napkins afterwards



Sum of misc, transport, laundry




Per-person costs


Food (Adult 15 yrs and over)



Food (Youth 10-14 years)


$10 ($5 of this discounted by the goup)

Food (Child under 10 years)



Kingdom Levy



(Event membership)





$20  ($22)

(rounded down 0.05 to keep the cost basic)


  • Adult SCA members: $20

  • Adult event-members: $22

  • Adult Door Sales : $25

  • Youth (10-14 yrs): $15 ($5 food discounted by the group see below)

  • Child (5-9): $10

  • Under 5: No Charge


Through the website as usual, or pay at the door (easier to bring extra people if they can make a last-minute decision). Will need someone to sit at gate.



List on meetup, advertise that tabards are available for those without garb- anyone who attends must wear at least a tabard. ‘Participation not audience’



Due to the nature of this event we run the risk of under catering if people do not book and turn up at the door.


I propose that we over cater by 10 adults - pre bookings close prior to the event and we charge door sales $25 (to make it easier to give change and because we may end up significantly over catering.


If we over cater by 10 adults then that increases our potential loss by another $100 - this means if we get 15 full fee paying adults we face loosing max $250 - worth it I think as the flip side of this risk is that we face attracting some new people who want to give the SCA a go.


It has been suggested that we allow the cook the full food portion for youths and that the group cover the $5 difference - we anticipate getting a small number of youths and the reason for keeping their price low is that they are often accompanied by full fee paying adults and by introducing a youth cost we may be able to encourage more adults to attend.


It won't need all the group gear, but it'll need at least a carload - tablecloths, banners, platters, cleaning gear, carafes, and loaner feast-gear for guests.




We are proposing the use of a new site – Old St Michael’s Church at the Corban’s Estate Art Centre in Henderson.



This is an old deconsecrated church that has a seated capacity of 50 people  - it has tables and chairs and a small kitchenette – there are no cooking facilities on site but we have spoken to Maheeshti who has confirmed that as the site is less than 10 minutes from her home and due to the nature of the supper we can manage


- 50 folding chairs

- 10 trestle tables

- Toilet facilities with disabled access

- White board

- Small kitchenette with a fridge, dishwasher, microwave oven and zip

- Some glassware, crockery and cutlery