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Longsword exercises and jargon.

Submitted by Ludwig von Rege... on May 22, 2018 - 7:56pm

Some notes from the class of 16/5/18.

The five "Mastercuts" are:

  • Scheitelhau: Vertical descending cut,
  • Zornhau: Diagonal descending cut,
  • Zwerchhau: Horizontal "helicopter" cut (thumb on the flat), short-edge from the right,
  • Schielhau: Vertical descending cut with the short edge,
  • Krumphau: Cut across the line, with crossed hands from the right.

The drill consisted of starting with left foot forward and executing each cut in turn, while calling its name.  Reset after each cut (left foot forward), then swap to right foot forward and repeat from top.

Cutting to the four openings:

4    |    1


3    |    2

The opening are: top left (of opponent), bottom left, bottom right, top right; labelled 1 to 4 respectively.  Cut (starting left foot forward in Vom Tag) oberhau 1, unterhau 3, unterhau 2, oberhau 4.


Counters to Schielhau:

  • Hanging
  • Kron
  • Zwerchhau

Counters to Zornhau:

  • Schielhau
  • Zornhau
  • Zwerchhau
  • Unterhau


We then did Meyer's first play from Vom Tag.

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