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Music session - 27th February 2018

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on February 28, 2018 - 9:53pm

Music session - 27th February 2018


Katherine of Glastonbury, harp & bray harp
Elyna Delynor, alto rebec & bray harp
Emily of Ildhafn, soprano recorder
Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer

Tunes played:

- Charlotte Bransle
Starts on G and has a Bb, and as mentioned before we play the high E near the end of the melody as a natural (not flattened as sometimes opted for). Played 4 times.

- Cassandra Bransle
Starts on C. By Arbeau this isn't written with any 'key signature' but does have the last B in the tune written as flattened. Harps therefore leave out the (only) other B in the tune, which recorders and dulcimer play as B natural. Played 4 times.

- Pinagay Bransle
Starts on a G and although Arbeau doesn't specify we play with a raised 7th i.e. F# in the melody. B part is repeated. Played 4 times.

- Triory Bransle
So short. Another that has Bb. Note range is literally 4 notes. I sense improvising potential. Didn't decide how many repeats, we just tutu-ed with it for a bit.

- Stella Splendens
Version used is on page 66 of the Snogbook. Played with bray harp and rebec on soprano, and ironically, soprano recorder on tenor. After bar 34 we instinctively want to hold for another bar (i.e. the two beat notes there become four beats long) so this has been pencilled in as 
how we play it.

- Dona Nobis Pacem
Version used is on page 29 of the Snogbook. Played with harp, bray harp, and soprano recorder. Played in unison for familiarity then broke into three-part canon. 

- Scottish Bransle
This starts on a G and has a Bb. Played 4 times.

Didn't play Pease Bransle as we realised we aren't playing it where Arbeau wrote it, and in the spirit of consistency, we really should. New sheet music will be made shortly. To all who have learned it in What I Call 'the wrong place', I can only apologise. Call it an exercise in musicianship.

Next week is a PRACTICE AT HOME session, I will email tune list out before then.


Future group music sessions will take place on Tuesdays ONCE A FORTNIGHT. Email me for address or to check when next group session falls, same time (7.30pm - 9.30pm).
Newcomers are very welcome :)                                                          
Elyna Delynor

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