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Mille Regretz from facsimile

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on December 29, 2017 - 6:20pm

Further adventures in "finding all my favourite pieces* of early music in facsimile".

*That's a long list. Perhaps most of them. This could take a while.

Finding Mille Regretz

Mille Regretz is perhaps my favourite piece by Josquin des Pres (or perhaps not by Josquin - it's up for debate).

Finding it was pretty easy:

  1. IMSLP, search for "Mille Regretz Josquin".
  2. See "First publication: 1549 in L’unziesme livre des chansons"
  3. Click through, get to "L'unziesme livre de chansons", published by Tielman Susato in Antwerp in 1549.
  4. Two versions to choose from!

Most of the piece is as I expect (having learned it from the Big Lochac Snogbook).

There are a few differences in the words. Some are just spelling - 'habandonner' for 'abandonner'. One is a little more significant: the final line I learned was "Quon me verra brief mes jours definer"; the Susato edition has "Quon me verra en brief mes jours finer".

Other facsimiles:

There are colour photographs here. Not so good for printing, but much better for reading.


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