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New Baron and Baroness - from the Crown

Submitted by William de Cameron on September 24, 2017 - 10:12am

From Their Majesties, Steffan and Branwen:

Unto the populace of Ildhafn and Cluain do we send Our heartfelt greetings,

It is with great pleasure that We can announce the next Baron and Baroness
of Ildhafn will be Sympkyn and Elyna.<--break->

We can not thank you all enough for taking the time to respond to the poll
and for your clear and honest feedback.  Our thanks to Mistress Katherina
for managing the poll.  It is no small feat and you did it well.

It was with great delight that as We read through every response the most
common sentiment expressed, time after time was "Wow, this is a hard
choice, they are both great," To have two couples so equally supported and
equally capable was tremendous.

Svartr and Maerwynn, thank you for your dedication to the Barony and its
populace and for stepping forward as nominees for this role.

Sympkyn and Elyna, prepare yourselves for a new journey begins.

Populace, we look forward to seeing you again soon to celebrate the start
of the next chapter in the journey of the Barony of Ildhafn.

Steffan and Branwen

King and Queen