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Music session - 25th July 2017

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on July 31, 2017 - 9:38pm

Music session - 25th July 2017


Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer
Katherine of Glastonbury, harp
Elena y Delyn, bray harp, alto rebec
Enith of Southron Gaard, tenor recorder
Lowrens of Southron Gaard, bass recorder

Tunes played:

As we wanted to give Madame Sosilia a bit more attention we thought we'd kick off with it.

Then we played through Earl of Essex Measures.

After that we played Lorrayne Almain, mostly de-rusted now.

For old times sake (and the fact that we all knew it) we pulled out the Black Almain, and then the New Almain. 

And then we played Scotts Bransle with a follow up of Pinagay. 


Future music sessions will take place on TUESDAYS rather than Mondays. Same venue (email me for address), same time (7.30pm - 9.30pm).
Newcomers are very welcome :)
Elena y Delyn

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