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Booking form an evening of courtly music 6 May 2017

Music, dance, singing, food, and games, on May 6th.


  • $10 ($12 if you're not already a SCANZ member)

Payment by direct deposit is appreciated; cash on the day is ok too.

Details of the event are here.

Booking details

Please fill out a separate form for everyone coming to the event (except kids under 5).


You can come without your parents, but you need a Nominated Caregiver (an adult at the event - who is acceptable to your parents - who can be responsible for you in an emergency).

The SCANZ policy on participation by Children and Young Persons has details.

Adult responsible (a parent, guardian or nominated caregiver): *

Which overseas SCA organisation are you a member of?

You can join the SCA now and avoid the hassle of event-membership.

Dietary details

Do you have any special dietary requirements? 

We'd like to make sure there's something for everyone, even though it's a "bring a plate" event.

Extreme: You might need urgent medical attention (or you have comparably violent philosophical or religious objections). Beware of food coming from the same kitchen as this ingredient.

Moderate: Makes you sick (or very sad) but not dangerously so. Food from the same kitchen is ok. 

Mild: Makes you uncomfortable. Food from the same platter is ok.

No gluten
No dairy
No eggs
No seafood
Allergies (details below)
Other (details below)

Details (e.g. allergies and their severity)


Would you like to perform? Singers, musicians, players, puppeteers, dancers, orators, jugglers: show us your stuff!

Volunteering here isn't a commitment, it just means we'll make sure you get the opportunity to perform if you want to. Yvonne or Katherine will be in touch to talk about what you'd like to do.


Anything else?

Suggestions, requests, offers all welcome. Abuse should be put into sonnet form, and performed on the night.