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Combining Meyer's first few plays

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on October 13, 2010 - 10:42am

Matt teaching beginners; David teaching this portion; Katherine's notes.

Warm-up : cutting drills (Patrick)

Back and forth across the room, making cuts instead of our usual thrusts / plain steps; first advancing directly, then moving off-line for each cut.

Practise: first two plays in Meyer, rapier, book 2 (David)

  • We revised the first play in Book 2 - the 8-step sequence, moving from Ochs to Low Guard, on both sides, both defensively and offensively (see lsat journal entry). (Note - add to past notes the need for "the opponent" to retreat at the end of the first half.)
  • We practiced starting the first drill in various places. E.g. start in Low left guard; the opponent attacks, twice - respond appropropriately, using the relevant part of the first drill.
  • We walked through the second play - changing off from one guard to
    another to invite an attack. Did this walking round the room to keep
    out feet moving.
  • Combined all these:
    1. Begin just out of range. "You" change off from on guard to another, stepping around, inviting an attack.
    2. At a time of their choosing "the opponent" thrusts.
    3. "You" defend  - continue with a second attack, a second defense, and a counterattack (if appropriate), using the relevant section of the first drill.
  • An addition: if "you" get in range, and the opponent hasn't attacked, thrust at them in longpoint (not too fast)

We all found this useful, and all agreed that it has as much freedom (and speed - we were going  quite slowly) as we'd want without masks.

Next week:

  • Add masks and speed up.
  • Try with cuts instead of thrusts in the opponent's attacks.
  • Include the option for "you" of a thrust in longpoint instead of
    slicing off, at any appropriate point.


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