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10th October 2016

Submitted by Elyna Delynor on October 11, 2016 - 12:05am

Monday Night Music Session on 10th October 2016: 
For a while now I have been meaning to publish what we're up to, partly for the purposes of motivating the group's progress, and also for the information of those regular members who might miss a session, as well as anyone who may want to join us in the future (either regularly or just joining in with us at events).

For those who haven't 'met' us before, we are a beginner group, we comprise a range of instruments and skill levels, and we welcome newcomers. Our primary motivation is playing for dances. We are working towards mastery of the set of dances known as the Old Measures, but we do keep getting sidetracked by other fun dance tunes. Sessions are designed to be low-key and easy-going, as much about having a laugh as about being studious. Silliness is encouraged! :)

Session Notes - 10th October 2016


Elena Harper, bray harp
Sympkyn of the Moor, hammered dulcimer
Katherine of Glastonbury, harp
Katherina Weyssin, guitar or tenor recorder 

Tunes played

- Ly Bens Distonys
- Galliard (specifically called "La Traditore my fa morire")
- New Almain (also known as Alemando Novello)
- Amoroso
- Black Almain
- Scots Bransle

For clarity I will mention that not all of these are on the 'regular tunes' list as yet, we got a bit carried away.

Black Almain has been an old favourite for some time now and is now mostly used for warm ups, or in this instance blatting through it just to check we could still remember it.

Amoroso has been on the 'Working' list for a while and is nearly ready to transfer to the 'Polishing' list. New Almain has more recently been added to the 'Working' list.

Ly Bens, the Galliard, and Scots Bransle were familiar to those present but may be less so to others in the group. We just thought we'd give them a bash. I am plotting to introduce them to everyone in the fulness of time.

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