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Event Report: Collegium 2016

The Collegium went well. Everyone who came that I spoke with enjoyed it and learnt something. We had a really good selection of classes again, and two out-of-town teachers as well.

25 people booked for the event. Of those, 23 came to the event. The two that didn't come were a last minute cancellation, and a no show. Unfortunately neither paid, and I don't think it would be reasonable to ask them to since both didn't come due to health reasons, and we did actually manage to break even on the event.

Because of the non-payment and a slight overspend, I expected that the event would make a slight loss, which I advised the Seneschal of at the time. However, it turns out that we didn't make a loss, although I did overspend slightly on the food. Since we went over break even with bookings, the extra hall hire expense budgeted into the cost was essentially mopped up by food instead. We made an incredibly slight profit on the event.

I received an advance of $259 to go towards the hall bond, food, and general expenses. The hall bond was $100, and we were initially asked to pay this in advance in cash, and to then pay for the hall hire of $125 after the event, receiving back the $100 cash bond. However, when I went to return the key, they advised that I just needed to pay the extra $25 to cover the hire, so I did this with my own cash.

Event Attendance - 23 adults at $13.50: $310.50
Hall Hire: $125
Food and General Expenses: $173.69
Total Expenses = $298.69
Net Profit = $11.81

From the advance of $259 I paid the entire hall hire and food and general expenses, at total of $298.69. Please would I be able to be reimbursed the balance of $39.69.

This was once again a very easy event to run, and fun to put together. Thanks to everyone who helped; my co-steward Catalina, Anna who helped with food, and of course all the teachers who volunteered their time and skills.