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Dessert Revel - report

  • Steward: Katherina Weyssin
  • Deputy stewards: Katherine of Glastonbury and Anna de Wilde
  • Date: May 21st
  • Time:
    • 6:00pm site opens for set-up
    • 7pm site opens for all comers
    • 7:30pm event proper starts
    • 11pm event ends
    • 12am site closes
  • Location: Avondale Lions Hall, 1650 Great North Road, Avondale, Auckland (pending availability)
  • Price: $10 for adult members, $12 adult non-members; children 5-17 years $5, children under 5 free


Total: 28 

  • 20 Adult members 
  • 8 Adult non-members
  • 0 Minors

In addition, two adults cancelled (before paying), one didn't show (and hadn't paid), and one minor cancelled. The minor had paid - I'd like to refund the $5. 


Total income 276
Total expenses 205.47
Profit 70.53

The majority of the profit ($60) was from the 8 people who attended above break-even: once the site cost was covered, each additional person contributed $7.50 in profit to the event. 

Comparison of budget and expenses - break even was 20 adults

Expenses Budget   Amount spent
  per unit total  
Hall 25/hour, for 6 hours 150 150
Miscellaneous $1.50 per adult 28 11.47
Kingdom Levy $1 per adult 28 28
Event membership $2 per adult event member 16 16

Miscellaneous things I bought: beans for "currency", cotton tape to close bags, 2L dishwashing liquid to re-stock cleaning box. 

Other things we could have spent money on, but didn't: laundry (I did it at home, there wasn't much), loo-paper (already had plenty), other cleaning supplies (likewise), cloth for bags (I used some I didn't need), printing (minimal, Anna did it), prize (donated by Anna) transporting gear (single trip in a car, I wasn't fussed), rubbish disposal (only one bag, went in my bin). 

Thoughts on the event


I really appreciated having Katherine run the food and Anna run the gate. It made it an extremely pleasant and relaxed event for me. Likewise, having Vettoria run the games made them easy to join in, especially for those who didn't know them (or us) already.

Booking options

Most people booked and paid online. Five paid cash on the day. I think people liked being able to book quite close to the event - half the attendees booked in the last week. I'd happily allow last-minute bookings again for an event like this where we didn't need to buy food in advance. 


I'm very happy with the attendance. The venue was comfortably packed - it felt good, but more would have been overcrowded. 

As well as active members of the barony we had 3 members of Auckland Sword and Shield visit, 2 newcomers to re-enactment (or at least, re-enactment in New Zealand), and 2 past members of Ildhafn who have not played with the SCA for many years. 


Even a small event takes a surprising amount of stuff - a full station-wagon. There was no dishwashing liquid in the cleaning box (and I didn't check it before the event). I'll put some in. Note to future stewards: leave the cleaning box well-stocked.


It worked. We turned the lights off a little late, but not drastically so. We left on the dot of midnight, after a smooth packup. 

Other stuff

Bags with bean "coins" were popular, both for the gambling and for "busking". The musicians appreciated getting beans, and several said it felt almost like people were paying real money - a meaningful and pleasing way to get a thank you. 

The food was delicious, and ample. Another time, I'd either call it "supper" rather than "dessert", or I'd ask about 1/3 people to bring something savoury - the few savoury items (cheese, salami, crackers, fresh fruit) were very popular, and vanished quickly.

Having drinks - non-alcoholic mulled wine and short mead - was excellent. It might be worth explicitly mentioning "drinks" as a desirable potluck contribution.