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Ildhafn Archery quarterly report 2016 Feb-April

Submitted by Lady Norina on May 11, 2016 - 11:56am

27th February training at Glendene run by Nicola

12th March was St Sebastians weekend in Rotorua which has an archery theme.

14th March I set up a facebook group Argent court Archers to combine SCA and Argent court interests in the sport.

19th of March Viking event at Karaka. Trying out the new bows.

20th March Council meeting. Looking at either investing in or making some light cheap weather proof butts as the old ones are worn down and very heavy and large.
Also discussed how we should keep track of people attending trainings for our record/getting new members/who borrowed what. A donation of a gold coin for borrowing arrows and/or a bow would off-set the cost of the occasional broken arrow. At the moment we are using locations that don’t charge so it is free to attend trainings otherwise.
As for buying more arrows I have found aliexpress to be great and they come out at 4.5 to 6 nzd per arrow.

23rd March Nora became Captain of Archers.

26th March was Easter camp in Palmerston North where they just used layers of cardboard with hessian sack and painted silhouettes of rabbits and birds propped up with sticks. Cheap, light, small and the target falls over if you get it just right.

2nd April Training out in Glendene. Ian and David were Marshalls. Even had some mounted archery attempts.

3rd April Ian and David ran an arrow making workshop at the A&S

19th April David granted me the power of the marshal.

30th April training in Glendene and Nora was Marshall

28th May training at Ben’s place in Oratia which is off west coast road. The event is now on the Ildhafn calendar

Lady Norina Von Crazycowsky

Nora Czaykowski
Captain of Archers from 23/3/16