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Agenda : April 2016 meeting

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on April 12, 2016 - 11:50am

Update: meeting delayed due to illness; new date TBA.

The April meeting will be at 7pm at Katherina's house in Blockhouse Bay, on Sunday the 17th. All are welcome.

Contact Katherina, the seneschal, for the address: $SENESCHAL_EMAIL$ or $SENESCHAL_PHONE$.


Minutes of previous meeting 

Officer reports

On the council mailing list before the meeting, if possible.


Past events

Upcoming events - already approved

Upcoming events - proposals

  • Bloth - seeking steward, etc
  • Other? - seeking ideas, stewards, etc

Regular events/practices

  • Monthly A&S in June - Queen's birthday weekend - decision
  • Archery - how's it going?

Fencing, dance (private venture), music, singing: no need to discuss presently, unless brought up at meeting.

Other business

  • Guidelines for meetings - discuss updated version and vote - what counts as quorum, who can vote, etc

Ongoing - discuss only if there's something new to add

  • Chatelaine gear, Loaner feast gear - cull, assemble into kits, (Eleanor, Katherina, Norina) look into bought vs made bags (Katherina)
  • Signs - William de Cameron working on bases (thanks to Willliam de Wyke for getting the bases); store one with W de C (for A&S) one with Norina (for archery)(check suitability with Isabel)
  • Container - Ildhafn may be able to buy and store a container on the CF site (perhaps jointly with Darton)
  • Archery equipment - new butts, loaner gear, especially arrows (Norina)


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