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14th of February

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on February 20, 2016 - 10:53am

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal),  Shannon M. (Herald), Katherine (Web), Nadia (Rapier), David (A&S), Shannon W., Nora (late)


Apologies: Robb (Marshal), Nicola (Chatelaine), Alasdair (Reeve)



Opened: 6:13

Previous Minutes: Accepted

Reports: Quarterlies

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

Katherine will be the new Seneschal (thanks for taking on the role).  We have mostly completed the handover.  This is the last Council meeting I will chair, and we will jointly write the upcoming Quarterly Report.  Nora has handed the position of Reeve over to Alasdair.

Extra plates and feast gear: I was authorised to buy up to $250 worth of plates etc. from Shannon W.  She had more than I had anticipated, but I bought it all ($300 worth), as I expect we will find ways to constructively use it.  Would the group like re-emburse me the full  amount?

Action: Re-emburse Patrick $300.

Shannon W: In addition to maintaining a supply of loan equipment, the group could sell kits to new comers.

Regarding group equipment, Amy and Shannon M have offered to store the group stuff at their place (they have a spare shed).

Action: Offer gratefully accepted.  Patrick to organise the transport of gear.

Updating account signatories: This is necessary as there have been a number of changes in the group.

Action: New group of signatories to the group Kiwibank account will be:

  • Katherine Davies (Seneschal / President)
  • Alasdair Muckart (Reeve / Treasurer)
  • Patrick Bowman (SCANZ Delegate)
  • Nadia Benton

Any others to be removed.

Past Events

St Catherine's Faire (Patrick): Chantelle had organised a picnic for December, however it was cancelled due to bad weather (Council notes this was the correct decision).  The proximity of Christmas and Canterbury Faire made it impractical to re-schedule (although we did manage a pub outing).  It would be nice if we could arrange a rapier tournament for Baronial Champion some time soon.

Canterbury Faire (Patrick & Katherine): We made money on the camp food plan due to overflow of food from CF foodplan.  There were many incorrect or confusing payments slowing down the final accounting.  We owe Southron Gaard $150 for storage in their container (this will be an annual fee).  We need to make a payment to Roger & Liz as partial re-embursement for transport group gear (as per previous years).  We will need to review campsite tax next year (check that the amount is appropriate, that the purpose better advertised).

Action: $300 to be forwarded to Roger & Liz for transport (leave it to them to share with David W & Susan as appropriate).

There may be an opportunity for us to maintain another container on the CF site.  Proposal is to purchase and share with Darton.

Action: Katherine to pursue.

Upcoming Events

The Globe (Patrick): Chantelle has arranged a number of free tickets to the opening night Gala in return for some help with publicity and looking pretty on the night.  At present I have a group of 19 organised.  We have been promised space to change.  I will confirm details of change space and let them know we will want access from 6pm. 

Archery (Nora): Upcoming shoot need to be advertised on website.  Patrick notes that one limitation to regular shooting is lack of arrows in the group - will investigate options.

St Sebastian's (Patrick): Annual event run by Cluain near Rotorua.  Go.

Collegium (Shannon W): Proposal is online, date is April 16. Still looking for a deputy steward.
Action: Event approved, permission to advertise.

Dessert Revel (Katherine): Proposal is online, date is May 21. Dances, but also music & games.

Action: Event approved, permission to advertise.

Bal D'argent & St Catherine's Faire (Katherine): Ange had the great idea to make a bid for Bal D'argent this year to coincide with St Cath's.  As she will be leaving us, I have picked up the proposal.  We already had a pencil booking for the Hunua site for November Crown which we can use for this event instead.  They normally ask for deposit 6 months in advance, and all nearby weekends all booked, so we will need to confirm fairly soon.

Action: Katherine to continue to develop proposal.




Council meetings: Based on feedback received, Sunday evening eliminates the fewest people.  However, some sort of skype/web/phone thing might free up week nights.  Experimentation should ensue.

Next meeting: 7pm Sunday 20th March, then 17th April.

A&S/regular gatherings: EVERYTHING! Hall Day ("A&S Sunday") once a month, Open Home with Shannon & Amy (Games/Social) (Shannon M has requested the 2nd Sunday of the month), Open Home with Al & Mel (A&S/Crafts), Council Meeting.  That puts some sort of Baronial meeting on four Sundays each month.

Action: Katherine to book Avondale Lion's Club Hall so that the first "new model" A&SS can be advertised, the group will pay the fee ($40).  David to investigate other venue options.  Patrick and/or Katherine to sort details for the "Open homes" with Alasdair, Melissa, Shannon M and Amy.


Other Business:

Shannon W: Demonstration Day - Inspired by the miniatures club, we could hire a venue and invite the public, charge minor door fee (e.g. $5).  Display our activities and interests to raise funds and for publicity.  We could also sell stuff.

Action: Group to develop further.  Look for appropriate gap in the cultural calendar.

Nora: O Week at Auckland University is coming up.  Nora & Patch will be advertising Argent Court on Wednesday.  We could join in, as more people is more comfortable and looks less weird.

Closed: 8:00

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