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A&S time and venue for 2016

Submitted by Katherina Weyssin on February 10, 2016 - 1:54pm

A possible plan for A&S meetings in Ildhafn this year: a big monthly gathering plus smaller weekly gatherings

I'd really appreciate as much feedback as possible before this Sunday (the 14th). I know heaps of you have already given lots of feedback (thank you!) but a minute filling this out will make it so much easier to count. Thanks a heap!

Here's the form - have your say in easily-countable form

Monthly gathering

  • 3-5pm on the first Sunday of the month
  • costs $5
  • first attendance is free (and the first time we do it, it's free for everyone - the group can wear the cost)
  • optional social gathering afterwards - go to a pub or something
  • room for a tournament (or something) before hand if people are keen
  • room for a class, workshop, group project, etc
  • may be interest in having a regular fencing session

Suggested venue - Avondale Lions Hall (if available). Other ideas welcome!

Good stuff about the Avondale hall - central(ish), parking, bus-stop, park, kitchen, 2 rooms (so we can do craft + class, fencing, etc), cheap. Less good stuff - not great location for all, no nearby shops, park is across road.

Weekly Gathering

If you'd like to open your home up on a more regular basis (eg weekly; although irregularly if that’s what you want to!) please do so, and advertise it on the group mailing list and website if you like. Times - whatever works best for hosts. 

Smaller gatherings each week work well for those who have more portable projects, or just want to hang out with other people. Larger gatherings, and hired/neutral venues, can work better for introducing new members to the group.