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Booking form: camp meal-plan, CF, 2016

This is where you book for the lunches-and-dinners meal-plan in the Ildhafn campsite. It's being run by Lady Aveline and Mistress Katherina. You don't need to do this if you're on the main CF meal plan (you will have booked for that when you booked for the event). 


We can only cater for limited numbers - those who've already discussed it with us by email get first preference.


Choose meals
Answer "ALL", or specify meal by meal. Please don't use "ALL" if you're not planning to be there for all meals - no taking short-cuts with the form!
Note: catering for special requirements will be limited - let us know what you need; we'll let you know if that's possible or if you need to self-cater. There's an option for noting food you really hate, too, but be prepared to suggest (and cook) alternatives.
Dietary information

Extreme: You may need urgent medical attention for even tiny amounts (or comparably violent religious or philosophical objections). 

Moderate: Makes you quite sick (or very sad) but not dangerously so. Food prepared in the same kitchen is ok. 

Mild: Makes you uncomfortable but not sick. You can eat food served on the same platter.

Loathed foods: You might as well list these. If you're going to really hate one of the planned meals, you might get the opportunity to suggest (and cook) an alternative. 

No gluten
No dairy
No eggs
No seafood
No pork
No alcohol
Other (details below)

List allergies (and their severity) and anything else we need to know.

Meal-plan chores

Each meal will have two people assigned to prepare it, and two people to clean up. 

Expect about 4 chores: prepare one lunch and one dinner, and clean up for one lunch and one dinner (fewer if you're only there for the weekend). 

I'll assign times: swap them if you don't like them. 

Let me know if

  • there are meals you absolutely cannot do
  • you'd prefer all your chores in one day, or spread out (no guarantees)
  • you want to work with a particular person (again, no guarantees)
  • there's a particular meal you want to cook (please provide menu, budget, shopping list; needs to be within Aveline's budget)