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Staff Summary


Person in charge Deputy

Katherina Weyssin (bookings and people)

William de Cameron (infrastructure and fighting)

Anna de Wilde (food)

Herald Ludwig von Regensburg (TBC)  
Chamberlaine Ginevra Isabella di Serafino Visconti (TBC)  
Marshal in Charge William de Cameron  
Armoured combat marshal William de Cameron  
Rapier marshal TBC  
Archery marshal TBC  
Arts and Sciences    
Feast Cook Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona  
Dinner cook TBC  
Breakfast cooks TBC  
Lunch cooks Anna, Katherina, and Katherine of Glastonbury with on-the-day help 

As we're re-doing this bid on relatively short notice, we've not filled nearly as many roles as in the past. We're keen to involve many people from our barony, and we're not concerned that we'll be short of people. We've had several dozen people express interest, we just haven't sorted out exactly who'll do what yet.


William de Cameron (David Robb), Katherina Weyssin (Katherine Davies), Anna de Wilde (Angela Wells)

portrait-williamKatherina Weyssin, with laptopAll are experienced stewards. William is a Pelican, a Don and a Master of Defense, Katherina is a Pelican and a Laurel, Anna is about to become a Pelican. They're all past seneschals of Ildhafn. All have been intimately involved in the stewarding teams for:

  • Ildhafn Baronial Investiture in 2008
  • Ildhafn Midwinter Coronation in 2010
  • St Catherine's Faire (Ildhafn's annual 3-day camping event) in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, etc
  • Bloth: Ildhafn 10th Anniversary 2013 (a 3-day camping event at the proposed site for May Crown Tournament)
  • May Crown 2015

and numerous other events.

Division of labour

We almost always work as a team, whether or not that's how it looks "on paper": hence our preference for running this as co-stewards. With a three-person team, we have plenty of redundancy, and can cover for each other as needed.

Some things one of us will have primary responsibility for, some we'll share. 

Katherina - steward for People

Katherina will handle bookings, chase payments, update the website, manage the chores roster (with help from the other stewards), etc.

William - steward for Stuff and Fighting

Stuff: transporting gear, firewood, lighting, sunshades, armouring tent, list field, hall decorations, soteltie (with Vettoria), loaner gear (to be delegated), equipment hire, wreaths, roses, etc.

Fighting: marshals, lists, tournament heralds, etc.

Anna - steward for Food

Anna will buy all the food for the event (save the feast), and assist and manage both cooks and kitchen before and during the event. She's very experienced, and very effective, in this role.


We'll work together on the chores roster and the final schedule.


Gate, entertainments, assorted other Bits. 

Contact: will reach all of the stewards, as will

Membership: all stewards are SCANZ members.


Feast cook

Vettoria di Giovanni da Verona (formerly Caterine de Vantier)(Shannon Wanty)

Caterine smilingVettoria is an experienced feast cook. Her specialty is mid-late 16thC Italian feasts, drawing on multiple sources, but primarily Scappi, Messisbugo, and Romoli.

Her first feast was in 2008, in Ildhafn. Since then, she's provided the feasts for Midwinter Coronation in 2010, Canterbury Faire in 2011, the Bloth (Ildhafn midwinter event) in 2012, the Bloth (Ildhafn 10th Anniversary event) in 2013, and May Crown 2015.

She's also managed the Canterbury Faire meal plan, and the St John's meal plan (3-day camping event in the Canton of Cluain), as well as cooking a meal for the Canterbury Faire meal plan every year for the last five or more years.

She has a history of producing tasty, scrupulously-researched feasts, from a hard-working but happy kitchen, and coming in right on her budget.

Feast staff

  • Anna de Wilde - plating, with Katherine of Glastonbury
  • Katherina Weyssin and William de Cameron - service and front of house
  • TBD* - Maitre d'

Drop-dead deputies:

  • Vettoria -> TBD*
  • William and Katherina -> Anna de Wilde
  • Anna -> Katherine of Glastonbury

Vettoria is typically scrupulous is preparing menus, budgets, recipes and quantities - all the information required for someone else to take over her kitchen in an emergency.

Anna, Katherine, Katherina and William can all reasonably perform each other's roles. We could lose any two and still have the feast run fairly smoothly. Emrys' role is not crucial, and could be either dropped or filled by someone roped in at short notice.

Other Cooks

Friday dinner - Ludwig von Regensburg (Patrick Bowman)

Ludwig has cooked for numerous smaller Ildhafn events, and often cooks Friday dinners for our larger events (to popular acclaim). He's the current Ildhafn Seneschal.

Breakfast and lunch cooks

We will also need two breakfast, two lunch cooks and deputies for all. Many are capable of taking those roles, so we'll fill them closer to the event.

Marshal in Charge

William de Cameron (David Robb)

With a three-person stewarding team (Katherina, William, Anna), William is confident he can manage being Marshal in Charge too. He will invite a number of marshals to assist over the weekend (and he'll definitely find a deputy marshal, in case he's indisposed).

William is a senior marshal for both armoured combat and fencing. He's served as Earl Marshal of Lochac, and Kingdom Rapier Marshal. He's also experienced in archery.

Other roles

We will be calling for volunteers for various roles associated with the event if the bid is accepted.

  • Herald
  • Chamberlaine, head Person-in-Waiting
  • Arts and Sciences coordinator
  • Loaner equipment co-ordinator
  • Entertainments co-ordinator