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26th of April

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on May 24, 2015 - 1:34pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), David (A&S), Katherine (Web), Shannon M (Herald), Nicola (Chatelaine), Ange, Euriel, Josh, Agate, Philip, Alastair (left early), Jessica.


Apologies: Nora (Reeve), Robb (Marshal), Nadia (Rapier).

Opened: 7:18

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Formal approval of the previous minutes is a new process.  For this month, we will approve the March minutes online following this meeting.

Reports: None received online

A&S (David): Next A&S scheduled for weekend of Crown: Cancelled.  The next one will therefore be on the third weekend of the month.  Location will be swapped from the usual rotation as Shannon M will not be available to host.  Enter A&S competitions.

Web (Katherine): We have a website - it is good.  We will look to convert it to Drupal 7 after Crown, assuming the system is not immediately needed for another event.

Herald (Shannon): I have received the Herald's stuff from Shannon W.

Chatelaine (Nicola): We have only a few complete feast kits.  We have a bajillion cups, but are short on cutlery.  I've thrown out some broken items.
Patrick: After Crown we could migrate items from Baronial supplies (plates, bowls, cutlery) into loaner feast gear.
Nicola: We will also need to make a few more bags. 
Katherine: The is a place at Crown site for loaner gear, which ameliorates need for bag this time.


Quatermaster (Patrick): I have not yet made a register of our assets (for insurance purposes) - will email the Committtee to request more time.

Nicoola: I have the Crescent Fence banners and would like them stored with the Baronial gear.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

We've fallen out of the habit of sending in monthly reports.  Partly that's my fault for failing to remind people, but it would be very helpful if Officers could take some responsibility for this themselves.
I am clearly running out of steam.  On the list of things that I need to do before finding a successor is managing some other office handovers.  Could someone please send me an email to remind me?. 

Past Events:
Canterbury Faire (Patrick):[Numbers and additional notes inserted into the minutes after the meeting]

Ed's Breakfasts:  $450.00 income, $405.15 expenses.  We took $310 in campsite tax.  Roger & Liz have been payed $200 to contribute towards the cost of transporting campsite gear.  There were some additional purchases to replenish and devlop our stock on site (butane cartridges, clothes pegs...) that has not yet been accounted for (pretty sure I have seen no receipts).  I will follow-up with Nicola.

Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (Katherine and David): 

We will need a substantial cash advance for float (taking fees at the door from Australian visitors).

Action: $500 for float

Action: $50 in coins for laundry.

Additional loaner bedding is needed.

The thrones have repainted and will be finished tomorrow.  The paint cost slightly less than estimated.  Archery butts have also been modified (targets lowered).

There are some extra expenses:  Bringing up the banners (Lochac's Kings & Queens) - we will need to pay for excess luggage for whoever brings them up from Christchurch.  We also need to purchase some hand towels and power boards.

We have one cancellation, and another one that seems likely.  Both have good reasons and we would like to not chase them for payment.

Action: Two non-attendees to have fees waived.

Final bote - Closing the bookings two weeks in advance was a good idea, and worth considering for other events.


Future Events

Shannon via Angela: Shannon's work social club putting on a feast.  She would like to hire our gear (~$300), opportunity for the Barony to earn $1000 if members help with the function.  Probable date is 25th of July.

Decision: Equipment can be supplied with a written contract.

Agate: Pondering event based around a pilgrimage to Santiago.  Patrick - would this be a suitable St Caths?


Calendar: A&S conflicts with Crown.  Third weekend to go to Al & Mel's.  Tuesday night fencing is back on the calendar.


Other Business: None.


Closed: 7:58

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