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We have a range of entertainments, theatricals, performances and other diversions planned for the weekend. Others will be added as the event approaches.

In preparation:

Puppet Play, Cicilia Lyon and her troupe of puppeteers

A hilarious account of knights, ladies, kings, beasts, magic and more; returning by popular acclaim. About 20 minutes, suitable for all ages.

Ludwig von Regensburg, minnesinger

Ludwig specialises in the solo repertoire of 13th and 14th century Germany.

Elizabeth Braythewayte, musician

Elizabeth is a well-known musician in our barony, playing medieval and renaissance music on a range of instruments, from flute to psaltery. We've asked her to provide some gentle background music in the Royal Pavilion during the lulls in Crown Tournament itself; and also to perform an instrumental piece at the Victory Feast.

Ildhafn harpists

Katherine of Glastonbury and Elena Spycer will be playing harps, with Elizabeth Braythewayte on assorted quiet instruments, in the Royal Pavilion during lulls in Crown Tournament.

Christine Bess Duvaunt, singer

Christine is a marvellous singer, and will treat us during the event.

Maheshti al-Barraniya, dancer

Maheshti may favour us with a Safavid-era dance: something our Mongolian Majesties may have seen during their conquest of Persia.

Ildhafn dance band

Whether or not we have dancing, we'll have dance music. 

Ildhafn Geographically Distributed Choir - TBC

Again, dependent on the stewarding duties of our singers, and of course the attendance of our dispersed members. (We're taking over the world, one voice at a time!)

Trumpeter, Gregory Tortouse - TBC

We have tentatively employed the services of Don Gregory Tortouse de Slowely, of Innilgard, as trumpeter for both Tournament and Feast. He performed this role admirably at our Canterbury Faire feast in 2012. For this event, we will of course have to wait for him to confirm his travel plans.


While there will be entertainment scattered through the feast, we like to treat the feast itself as entertainment, making the service and presentation themselves part of the show. Vettoria, our cook, is a specialist in both the food and the presentation and service of papal feasts in the 16th century.