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30th of November

Submitted by Ildhafn Seneschal on December 24, 2014 - 7:38pm

In Attendance: Patrick (Seneschal), Nora (Reeve), Nicola (Chatelaine), Katherine (Web), David (A&S), Nadia (Rapier), Angela.


Apologies: Shannon W (Herald), Robb (Marshal)

Opened: 7:03

Reports: See quarterlies.


Reeve: Bank balance (08/12/2014) $8928.91

Web:  As two years have passed I have re-advertised the position.  There were no applications.  I am happy to remain in the role.

A&S:  Planning for A&S for next year to start before St Caths so that it can be discussed at the first meeting of 2015.

Herald:  With my life now back on track I'm getting on with submissions stuff, which will be a relief to those that want to get things registered.  I'm looking forward to heralding at St Cath's, and I'm sure there will be plenty of awards for me to read ceremonies for.

Seneschal / Matters Arising:

I have relieved Wendy of the Quartermaster's gear.  Appropriate material now with Chatelaine.  The Council thanks Wendy for her service as Quartermaster.

Reminder: SCA US seeks commentary on fourth peerage proposal (due 15th Jan).

Officer handovers: Seneschal, Herald and Marshal are due to step down in March; Reeve in April.  Thanks to Web for advertising her position - lack of applicants is not a problem in that case.   I would like to stagger the Seneschal & Reeve changeovers so that they are further apart, say, a quarter.  Nora says April is a could time to swap Reeve (the outgoing Reeve can assist the incoming one with the April report).  I will ask Kingdom Seneschal for permission to hold my warrant a little longer to effect the re-alignment.

Past Events:


Upcoming Events:
May Crown 2015 (David):  Webpage in progress - expect to open bookings on schedule.  The Friday night will be AS50 - looking for ways to recognise/celebrate.  Wear oldest/tackiest garb? AS50 quiz?  NZ groups will be the first in the Known World to hit AS50 - post photo.

St Cath's (Ange): Minor error in budget leading to $4 discount for two people.  There is some fat in the accommodation pricing.  I will ask participants to take their own bottles away, which should significantly cut down in the amount of rubbish to be removed from site.

Action: Purchase tent pegs for the SCA signs.


Canterbury Faire (Patrick): Nicola has asked for fridge space.  Cost to be confirmed, but last year it was $15.

It currently looks like we will be in the same place as last year, but with extra space.  Need to confirm with Richard, but can now plan more sensibly. [Update: This is no longer true.]

Proposal: Have sunshade made in Canterbury and stored on site.

Calendar:  Next meetings Sun Jan 4th, Feb 22nd.

Other Business:

Archery: Repair to one archery butt required.

Fencing (Patrick): I have sent an email to the list asking if anyone wants to be kept in the loop regarding casual fencing opportunities over the summer break.

Event (Nora): There is Argent Court event planned for beginning of next year.

Closed: 7:44

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